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Was a wild one here. Shorthanded sealers team ends up falling 41 37 to the Chargers out in LA. And we're going to talk about the ravens a little bit later. And they're kind of method of winning games. But the Steelers are a little bit similar. And this one really felt like in the fourth quarter, it was going to be one of those games for the sealer's kind of had no right winning, but they just. End up winning. They wherever they get a block pun. They get a tipped interception. That's just what the Steelers do. Yeah, I was pretty impressive that despite trailing by 17 points at one point in the game, they quickly made it interesting through a few of those plays that you described Gary. The defense was out a lot of star players Ben Roethlisberger was coming off of COVID, but they found ways to create when they could on the blocked punt. That was three rushers coming forward, one of whom hit the ball. They had the cam Hayward sort of head butts of a batted pass. I didn't realize until the replay that I actually went off of this helmet, which turned into an interception. So it was they needed like I flurry of activity in order to get back in the game and they were able to summon that, which was pretty impressive. All that being said, though, it ended up being like a very unsatisfying ending because they had done so much to get back in the game and then at one point it looked like they were going to win the game and they get the ball back after the Chargers go for it on fourth down and can't convert the Steelers get the ball back, but can't make a first down, kick the field goal and then there's a busted coverage and the Chargers score the game winning touchdown. Really interesting thing about that busted covers, right? So that was Norwood, right? Who's filling in for minka Fitzpatrick? And I would venture to say that if it's Patrick, is in on that play, he probably picks that off, right? Because if you look at how the route developed, Justin Herbert throws it as soon as it's clear that the safety is not coming down to compensate for the cornerback passing them off. But what's interesting is I think the other thing that make a Fitzpatrick noses, Mike Williams runs more go routes than any receiver in the NFL. Actually, since 2020 has run 30 more go routes than any receiver in the NFL. So what do you think he's doing in that situation? Largely. I mean, you know, they didn't deviate from the plan. You kind of figure what was going on there. And for me, you know, I know the Steelers were playing down a couple guys and, you know, certainly your most vital players, but it's interesting that that's the kind of situation you sort of found yourself in. You're putting a lot on a safety who's filling in for arguably the headiest defensive player in the NFL and the secondary. I don't know, it's just a kind of an interesting smattering of events there. Yeah, and obviously, look, no TJ watt. That's a huge impact player to be missing..

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