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One of the problems we're having in the Western world is with the rise of progressive government. In. Its emphasis on race class gender issues. The Chinese are much more brilliant in terms of propaganda than we are. so by any measure of classical liberality Chinese, very reactionary, they have a million. As you know evil concentration camps I could use that to reeducation count. They've silenced Democracy Extinguished in Hong Kong they've destroyed indigenous culture are back. In terms of mercantilism there, an international trade outlaw they bullied their neighbors and I think we're GONNA learn that either out of laxity you're worse or responsible for a half million deaths. Cova and yet yet. When this crisis arose, when we had a travel ban, they were very effective in suggesting that we were races. This is a very diverse society saying that we are racist and every time that we try to make a concerted effort. To push back us that left wing you're racist you're insensitive. That's the yellow peril again, and they've really infiltrated the United States Entertainment Industry Hollywood and even the NBA the NBA is very vocal in their criticism of. Supposed-. Social Activism and things in the United States and yet. When China crush Hong Kong in a pretty much silence oliver players in fears, they would endanger that six billion dollar enrolling NBA market. China. So they're a very insidious rival. I don't think yet. We have any imagination of their potential in their capability in terms of Baba Ganda Message. That's very chilling perspective to come to the question of education to comments festival in relation to the stem subjects as an Australian movie in America we still see this remarkable capacity renovation Still Dominate the markets, a applications and what have you. The impression you had is that in the stem subjects American, very strong. You're saying that there's been a shortage of graduates in that area. That you haven't got the people you need to kick the technology. Age? I think what I was trying to say is that when we look at the quality of engineers that are being trained at Caltech, Samper Mit, they're the best in the world but. The next tier of people translate abstraction into operational efficacy we have about seventy percent are foreign students are necessary because we just. We've had a radical readjustment, fifty years in higher education and were not allowed were most talented people unfortunately have been going into wall. Street finance and law. And to a lesser degree in the humanities and we haven't we haven't for the ambitious programs we have for the sophisticated innovation that we develop were not utilizing in a way that self interested because we're so dependent. So when we say we want to become autonomous in China. A lot of are more informed scholars than other right something like that. In an op-ed, I get a call from a very distinguished person off the records as Victor. Or we only have twenty percent thirty percent of the HDZ electrical engineering or you know nanotechnology that we need and we're very defended on foreign students and we've got to be very careful that we. This divorce is done in such a way that we're not punished in the short term. So it's something that I think we're all aware of and. Kind of frightening how China does not is not competitive with a Western world and absol- in. Pure research is more than competitive in translating.

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