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Does your wife even like you in the morning. Like how much sleep do you get on an average day? That's not bring up the white okay not to that right. We do have a lot to get into today down here in Miami for the design show headlined by Dimitrius ANDROID. I want to talk about Android for Sergio. He's on his fourth fight of this zone deal. He has a title recognized title around his waist. He's got a big checkbook behind him but he can't get a significant fight. He's fighting Luquillo this weekend. Luquillo earned the shot by beating Louis areas. That was a good win for him. But Andrew is gonNA come into this as massive favourite. Why why can't Dimitrius Android? Get a big fight. He has a self balkars. I mean he He's too good for his own. Good he has that Olympic pedigree and he's tall. He's dark and handsome like he says he does all the right things. He fights at a distance. He doesn't he doesn't he. Doesn't fight out character He's hard to hit. He hits hard enough to get respect. He has that cursed at every southpaw. Had if you look at guys like Winky Wright Paul Williams even go back to Marvin Hagler. There avoided for reason. What are they all? Have in common their cells gear. More Reagan Down South Pole Olympic pedigree. So it's just that South Parker said that if you can avoid a southpaw especially one. That fights like a southpaw and and maintain that discipline. Just avoid them at all costs. And that's exactly why they're avoiding injury. Yeah but I get all that and I get the fighters like say boots. Ennis won a couple of weeks ago on showtime I get why he's avoided at this point doesn't bring a lot of reward to the risk Virgil Ortiz. And other guy doesn't bring a lot of reward to the risk. All the things you're talking about are true but don't they go out the window when you have a reward at the end of it like you fight to meet your his android and you're gonNA get a chance to fight for a middleweight title and you're GonNa get paid a whole lot of money you know. Millions of dollars doesn't all that stuff become inconsequential when you have the opportunity to make a ton of money and fight for a title money changes things if you're at the if you're at the end of your career or if you're not used to making that kind of money but android is making a life changing money. You know what I'm talking about Andrew. I'm talking about the guys that won't fight like the guys that won't fight android while they're making huge money. They're they're making big money and they need to extend their career as long as possible so they already have their contracts if they can avoid the meteors Andrew matter. Let's go to the office. Forget I get. Why can upload US invite him? Canelo has other business this year and Andrey doesn't really do a lot for Cannella. He's GonNa make significant money anyway. Regardless of what happens Lofton we all know the score gluskin needs to get the Cannella when Dmitry Sandra represents an extremely tough fight before that the guy that I'm I don't understand it all is dramatic. I do not get. What Jamaal Charles? Oh is is doing right now. Because last year he fought two fights against Brandon Adams and Denis Hogan that basically nobody watched like it's the equivalent. Nobody wants them with the ratings that he got he has no obvious. Fight coming up with you know. Maybe Chris eubank in a fight that I don't think anybody outside the Charleston Eubank family cares about and then maybe he can get Darvin. Janko down the line. Why doesn't Jamaal Charles jump at the chance to fight to meet your his android for the same exact reason but this one has politics behind it with the with the promotional side with PBC and disown? But they need to fight those who need to fight. They're made for each other because Charles not a superstar either. He's not making that superstar Lofton Cannella money. He's not neither is android so I think they need each other and they're they're the right style matchup also because Charles. He fights southpaws pretty well. And he has a hard enough punch week and ended with or you can get the respect with one punch because you're gonNA need power to actually beat a guy like android and Charles has. That has that lettuces and he has a speed and he has a chip on his shoulder to. He brings all that to the total. So I I the step up with you. So you think Charles Ducking Android yes duck android. Android is the Boogeyman of the one. Sixty pound division. The only way Andrew's going to get a big fight as if he moves to sixty eight. Okay well I don't want to fight. Daniel Jacobs friend. But they're gonNA THEY'RE GONNA. I'm just GONNA boy them at all. I'm at this point. I'm ordering Charro versus Andrey t-shirts there's just like. There's no reason for those two guys not to fight you because android. If you win this fight against Keeler and it's not Charlotte it's probably be somebody like Liam Williams in a WHO cares type of fight? There Charles Fights Chris the other guy. That's annoying me is Durban Chanko. Dermot check goes out there. You talk to Bella. He's looking for an opponent for Durban. Janko nobody will fight urban checkable the android sitting there by Janko. He can have a shot at my title in three million bucks as well like. I hate seeing fighters like duck. Because I think there's always reasons not to fight but not fighting's meters. Andrew at this point is flat out ducking avoiding him at all costs. Is there another word for DUCKIE EUPHEMISM FOR DUCKING? Is there something else for missiles? Probably the wrong word. Is there something else other than because duckings really harsh word is a hardware? We're quitting is harsh words. A harsh word to retire. So what's another word for? I don't want to have a softer word. I asked you if Charles was ducking injured. You said yes. No another word not ducking whatever that other word is. That's what it is we can. We can rebound the tape you said. Yes that avoiding avoiding. I don't think I've done. I asked if he was ducking convincing. That's just like word but whatever it is. We want to avoid softballs at all costs. All right that's it well. We don't WANNA FIGHT THEM. Especially we fight like southpaws Abdo amateur pedigree. They're dangerous and they're confident you don't you stay away as long as possible. Look Cannella did with with With the latter he didn't he didn't fight him. He pushed him aside for as long as possible until the public demanded it. And then when the public demanded what Laura do you almost beat them in. Some people thought that he did reinventing history that I don't. The public was demanding. Lara CANOAS ONE. That said let Lars viewed at the top guy at one fifty four. I WANNA fight of golden boy. Didn't want to fight Komo's pushing against that heart like it didn't bring a lot to the table so I think I think may because the public was saying what can I wasn't up. The the the the hardcore purist boxing purists the people in the game they were bringing that up with Andrea no he's being avoided even by the writers. If you're the only one that sticks up for Andrew Tell the truth I really am only one beating the drum for this ridiculous miles away. But I don't I'm not a senior writer at duct android. You I you duck absolutely and I'll duck him. I don't circumvent and I ducked purposely absolutely duct Tantri. That's true one of the problems with putting android pound for pound is because he doesn't have a depth of top opponents of beets. I mean there are a lot of people out there and I've talked to Shawn Porter about this. I've talked to Terence Crawford about this. I've talked to Bowman Turns Crawford's trainer about this all these guys put android at or near the of the pound for pound list. But it's hard to put him there because you haven't been any on the list. I agree no. You can't be on the list unless you beat someone on the list in order to beat them in and look with all due respect. I'm praising Dimitrios Android just like everyone you just mentioned when you're fighting guys like Walter Contin Dong-kwan Archer and these type of fighters and magic celebrity. He's just beating the people they put in front of them right. But that's not enough so you need someone with a resume. Someone with a background someone. That's like Oh wow okay. That's what he does against this guy. That's when you actually a turn heads. Everyone's has even the haters. I'll legitimate criticism though of android that he doesn't go for knockouts enough. I mean I thought against Dhakhwa. He went for the knockout. Just wasn't there. The guy just kept like rising from the canvas four times and that fight but if you look at the celebrity fight that was tough because he had so lucky hurt in the first round. And then you heard. His father is trainer in the corner between the first and second rousing. That's not our fight like that. You were sitting there with that. I I love hearing that. Love is love hearing that because when you out of character which he was doing going for the knockout. That's when you get knocked out and then guess what your record becomes blemish. Lose your title all because you wanted to chase something. That's not you don't do that. Man Get the win. Get your head out of your ASS. Get the win. Let's move on. What are you talking about like you get? You can get a win. But when does winning by decision move the needle at all? When does beating did beating macek select for android? Do Anything for his career. In fact I think he lost momentum because of that he had this guy hurt in the first round that I couldn't see left hands coming. He was buckled up in the second round with the same attitude maybe get a stoppage and then you have some momentum to get a canal oh fight or or Charles download you are a critic and I respect your opinion. I am a boxer respect mine. He's pitching shutouts. You know how difficult it is to win every single round thirty six minutes of a fight and he does it in. He pitched shutouts. He doesn't let you hit him and he almost gets you out. He knocks down opponents. He knocked down contract. We knocked down so lucky. He can't take them out not that he doesn't have power just not in his character. I've problem was. He didn't try after that first round. He like maybe like if you go for it in the second round and selected a couple of shots all right back up and fight more of a defensive takes one shot it takes one shot and the next thing you know trying to please. Chris Mannix just ruined. His career gets a blemish on his career. Is Not me by trying to please you? Okay it's not me. He didn't get a big fight. He fought that fight June and fought nobody else. The rest of the year was not even mentioned in the conversation with Cannella work does not have Charlotte so clearly. It's not just me saying that really didn't do much for him he knocks him out. I think that does a lot for him. He knocks Luke keillor out. Would you admit that knocking Lou? Keillor does not more. I think he's going to stop. Okay would you like if he beats Luke Keillor twelve round decision? You're going to be like good job like if he goes one. Twenty-one wave it's a shootout yes this is no he's GonNa stop he needs to stop keillor. I agree with you. He's going to have to stop a fighter like Luquillo one because he has been stopped before and he's been stopped by who thom durant or something like that. Yeah so he's been stopped before one and two. He's not on his level. So this is. Let's get it clear. It's a stay busy fight for Dimitrios android. They throw a bone. This is a stay busy. Fight strictly for that and he needs to get that impressive win so yes for this one. He needs a knockout needs. He signed a four or five extension match them. Those need to be big final coming up and that Charles should be front and Center for both those guys all right. Let me talk to you about Conor McGregor and the box out there now chasing Conor McGregor McGregor you know came back and UFC. Two forty six one in spectacular style reestablished himself as a top. Ufc Guy and in the immediate aftermath. You had floyd mayweather on social media teasing a rematch against Conor McGregor for weeks before you had manny Pacquiao and his representative saying I wanNA fight Conor McGregor. You have bud Crawford and top rank saying we'll fight. Conor McGregor in boxing will move over to the to the UFC and a UFC match against Crawford. What do you make of all these huge boxing stars fighting are looking to fight? Ufc's biggest star. They're chasing the money. They're chasing the easy money because beating Conor McGregor in.

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