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Air bleed didn't come out Tyson fucking Dyson, and I feel like it. They were just kind of like descendants of scary movie, which is like a great movie. The original scary movie. Super funny. And these these guys are really nice guys, you know, and I think they got a shot with meet the Spartans and it kind of like over perform. Like I remember it came in first in the box office that I was there opening on the first moves saw think by myself. Oh my God. It's funny I when I met Tiffany for the first time when she was after she read the oath sh I, you know, I was like, it's so great to finally meet you. She's like, we weren't meet the sparks together to. Time I forgot about that, but you know, and then they did a couple. And the reality is is they're super nice guys and they, it was. I kind of looked at that. It's kind of like kids movies, dirty kids movie. And at the time I was an actor who was like, oh, you wanna hire me. Oh, that's funny because I need to buy the ring for my wife. Funny how that turns out those super nice guys and I still get like, you know, young kids, we'll be like my first movie I moves I've seen, I'm like, oh, cool. But it's I hope to not do anymore impressions of other people in movies because I'm old. I think one of the most about the movie was Dane cook impression. 'cause we talk like a weird amount. I think for our podcast, big Boston tip to the barstool, right? You guys and he's, he's Mr. Boston. He's Mr. sports, but it Danes out there, man, you drive. If you go down sunset in LA, is he big billboards? Yes, doing stand up and crushing it, and he's still, he's still out there. But I, I remember doing his. Impression on mad TV, and I remember Bobby Lee introducing me to him like a couple of weeks later, and I don't think Dane was like eleven. Hey, how's it going. Hey, nice to meet you, but I'll tell you, I saw him at Dublin's in LA and it was you felt like you were watching like fucking like David Bowie and late nineteenth, like he came onstage and people were just like their heads explode. It was insane arenas. And just like in perfume pre arena before he was like Dan, he was just like he owned the LA. Comedy is such an interesting moment. Yeah. Shift gears again. Can you confirm that your character Griggs is going to return to sue sets to? I can't confirm it only because there's been by my count, like three different directors that have come on board for the sequel, but I will say out of all them, the one that excited me the most was James because James Gunn next question which excited to work with James go. I had not a lot of interest in doing suicide squad too small part, and I didn't. But like James Gunn I think is such a genius high would do anything that guys down. I love those guardians of the guest, so good. They're so good, and it's all it's like, so. Singularly from his mind. I know it's an existing IP cartoon and stuff. But like when I've heard they're making them because I've read the cartoon the comic, I was like, oh, that it's going to be a bomb weird. It's too fucking weird and he managed to make it super excessive oil and funny and like violent and like crisp, those I thought in avengers Infinity war, the best characters in the movie where per Chris and fucking Dave Teesta every line they had. I was like, it's hilarious, and that's gone was on on board with them to help the right their role? Yeah, exactly. So, you know, I thought what happened to him with shitty and I think you know, it would be very cool if he regardless of my participation, it's like the by the best case scenario for suicide squad too your part with small..

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