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A store event tacoma washington i mean you have to imagine when there's a guy who's that sexually charged ron jeremy has been doing interviews with at this radio station or at this company since i was an intern so seventeen years i remember the he came in when it was like one of my first few days on the job and we there was a girl in turn that was on the show and he just grabbed her and pulled a write in and got really comfortable there for a picture and i thought maybe he thinks all women want to take a picture with that way you know what's crazy is is i remember like the early days like the the radio show that i grew up listening to detroit drew and mike they would always talk about the hog the hedgehog like before i even knew what porn was i just remember hearing the name in my dad's truck and then i remember seeing what he looked like and just thinking like oh so so ugly like there's not like good looking people that do porn because i don't know it's obviously based just on hog that how this guy has thrived in puerto for so long being so like disgusting well i mean he got into porno back when there was actual porno stars i don't know if we have your real legit porno stars anymore because it seems like every single person the world's doing porn are you not familiar with james dean no james dean noah johnny sends i know johnny castle some of the other crew but i wouldn't call them porn stars we know ron jeremy just based off of his name you don't have to look up to see you know see what he looks like so on the first occasion brody the woman consented to jeremy signing her breasts in order to maintain an atmosphere of fun oh the suit states instead of a simple signing the complaint alleges that jeremy violently groped the young woman's breast in the second incident jeremy allegedly groped brody's but while the two were taking a selfie directly afterwards he put his hand between her legs and begins sucking on her neck okay let me about the sign of the boob thing i mean do we throw that one out the other ones i'm not ready to throw up at this if you if you want a guy to sign your boob other are the rules anymore so yeah touch your boob right i mean yes i think there are still rules i mean just because a woman presents you with her breasts doesn't mean like this is yours for the bite it do whatever you please she saying he grabbed the too hard violently groped via vanc finally when jeremy's handler attempted to intervene the pornstar allegedly said i'll be done in a second and then digital digitally okay you know he used his digits through the you know up in up and interest i would think that if this is true this was not the first time he's ever done and then got right in her ear and said did that give you goosebumps now no just letting you know are you adding onto the story that really happened beverly happening dramatic effect on that well you know i want people to you have the full picture here goosebumps is that sounds like this is i think this is probably breaking news i'll just kind of throw it out there in oh no another james james thing i know everybody's been going kind of crazy because you know a president trump is scheduled to announce a new supreme court justice he came out shortly instead he will be announcing the replacement on july ninth okay which is very very quick i believe so yeah if anybody's worried about that i know a lot of people are a lot of people are worried worried they're giving up hope on humanity just know it's coming sooner than you think july ninth a brand in australian sleepwear brand peter alexander is that something we wear in america i would you know i'm on the cutting edge of fashion john but.

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