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Work truck i use it for co worker around the house so i'll never get rid of that date for for years but i don't want to put those kind of miles of the gallon it so thought okay the car they just gave me i really like it it's chevy malibu it's like thirty four miles to the gallon jacob stan the delhi information center shows me about getting about thirty four miles per gallon and it's a great car for this kind of dr but i don't have enough in my f you son go in and take cash close but then i'd have no fun funded all my savings goals things that i'm planning to save up for those would all be gone how much are you proposing to spend on this car i haven't even looked at the cost of number one you have to do that before anything well i don't wanna get that's that's true but i don't want to i don't wanna get some beater car to work on no one suggested you get a her car but you do realize that you're going to get a much better deal if you buy a car that you're too old not a beater car that's been reconditioned and warranty okay that's good advice i buying a new car is a big waste of money yeah it is you pay a lot what were you trying to impress are you a swinging single you want to impress girls i mean why do you need a brand new car if.

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