House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Trump, Gretchen Whitmer discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


Nancy Pelosi, We are ready to sign and passed stimulus. President Trump is now pressing for a big deal, and he did so again during the NBC Town Hall. That's despite the fact that just over a week ago, he declared the talks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were over. The president and Pelosi have now not spoken to each other in a year, though she continues talks with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over a measure that could be close to $2 trillion, But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said GOP Lawmakers are not ready to approve anything close to that he'll unveil a $500 billion targeted bill next week, but it's not likely to move forward and get financial help to struggling Americans on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller W T. O P News knew this afternoon, A federal judge ruled that a grand jury can investigate the case of the Michigan men accused of plotting to kidnap the state's governor. The judge says prosecutors have presented enough evidence to take the next step. You'll remember. An FBI agent also testified this week that some of the suspects also talked about kidnapping Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. A bond hearing for two of the suspects is set for later today. All this as more details emerge about the plot. The 14th person has been charged in connection with the alleged plot. A 51 year old Wisconsin man has been charged with material support, and there's another development as well. The FBI agent testifying in the case, said the ringleader had discussed plans to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer take her out in a boat onto a lake and lever there. It's not clear which lake or what condition they planned to leave her in Out of the very least they were discussing kidnapping her. And that's w t o p national security correspondent J. J Green Up ahead on Double D T O P. They weren't on the same stage, but they sure went at each other. Dueling primetime Town halls involving the president and Joe Biden will tell you what happened last night. It's 2 35.

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