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It doesn't need to sell glosses need to do anything. He should rest on his laurels just to seventy and take into the Bank. Morals and seventy two guys. I do I get your point. But I feel like if he was sitting on my lap. I would notice. I don't know. Even know who is this. Guillermo, put it on the poll if my trout were sitting on Stu gods lap woods. God's say. Who is no chance might trout right now on south beach during spring break could walk down the street in a tank top. And you would not know it was Mike trout. No chance you just think you some frat guy. Right. You could be his angels uniform, and nobody recognize it Mike trout could walk down ocean drive in his angels jersey and board shorts and sandals. And you were just saying, hey that guy's Mike trout fan. No what you'd hear in. This way is gang trout. That's what you'd hear. It's the same thing. That's got to sing. Who is that? Even if he's wearing Trump jersey, they'd be asking. Why is he wearing jersey of you know, with the name trout on it? Is he supposed to be marketable? Does that matter? You're paying for a great baseball player. He's one of the best in the history of the sport. Well, price you're paying for more than a great baseball player. You're playing playing for a dynasty. You're paying for it ninety. He has to turn the angels into a team that wins three or four championships or else. The the whole thing's a failure. What? Yes. What are we doing to champion? Champion writings on the wall three or four. Who needs to be more than four guys talking about needs to win like six at what's the most straight championships because he needs to beat that by at least two Mickey Mantle. He literally putting Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle had ring. I know of Mickey Mantle or sitting on my lap. There you go. Here comes on truck. Mike, get almo-. You guys. Knows something we talked to one person who knows anything. Take it up with them when he comes on here. Sint here. Bad contract has to win three or four championships in order to make no just has to sell some tickets. We settle at six championships and knowing if he were sitting on your lap. I think that's that's it. Then it's worth it triple crowns as well. I can't believe it that Gerald presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets..

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