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It is sexy it is enhancing my audio experience it's all the good things sons dot com and you're listening to the tennis podcasts so we found another pub to record it and once again with downstairs in the basement of it and nationally the people just ahead of us on the table just a few feet away were heard to say it's a bit dead down here is now then we'll go back upstairs so catherine would move vibes to have the animated argument about the share price of Tesla before you rowing mm saved and hopefully it'll be a much better podcast as a result anyway pub every other week that's given in my beer intake at the moment I'm bordering on at least one and half yeah I'm bordering on these three now in two days so anyway right now as we come to you live from the pub we've got done with mental having just lost a set catherine before we get onto the WJ finals what's going on that shook waves title reverberating share shoddy is doing what he does sort of once or twice a year spectacular tennis that everybody believes in but you'd be surprised if he ended up winning we will see but he has won six two seconds and you all know this results bid he has well nothing wrong with gray hair but the live action it's absolutely packed in Paris which is great to see less packed in Chen's today sad a but interesting nonetheless very very disappointing that Nyamira Sarka was forced to withdraw from the event because shoulder injury what was she on a like a twelve match winning streak having one in Osaka and then in Beijing won a first-round match against Patrick Evita and then older injury that she said she'd been suffering with from the final in Beijing Actually Matt was saying that he she'd been shakily yeah I mean she's been serving well in spite of it and she served in fact in her opening match against both the triplets Megan's sorry she says really well as vases has been evidence that it's been it's been troubling her and it's such a shame from every angle with the added dimension of her in Asian tingles player is a big factor donation event big factor they really come out and foods to support to support Asian player I'd say on day one the the vacation and the reaction she got but she said she'd she woke up and it was just throbbing and I mean the you know maybe maybe you might get through a match sure to more who knows about it was but you've got to be careful with a set of things seventy you've really gotta be careful Oh yeah absolutely I mean if night down that it's the fact that she's made it means it's threatened Asian and it would have been agonizing for her I'm sure this is a huge event we know I mean I know that these players aren't motivated by money and it would be it would be clip and even Mugabe has to ignore the amount the line into suggests that that doesn't matter to these because it's it's doesn't matter how rich you are it's no insignificant nor is the biggest amount of money on offer in tennis anywhere but I also failed because it didn't go well for the WNBA finals last year I think that that was a source of great motivation four her personally coming into this event I think she was really pumped for this and you know they talked about whether the pressure you might have got a little bit and made it frankly not really want to play it that much I I I don't buy that I personally think she was desperate to play and win and get far and etc shoulders hurting too much looser she said set after she beat didn't shedding first question I can't remember the first question was in regards to the question the first thing that tumbled out of a mouth was she's towel believe she was too too much at that tournament into preventive self that she she could perform on that stage mm-hmm and of course doing it from a set down as well against vichy must've been thinking God maybe just having an APP with me So I think I think she wanted it I think she made I suspect she's probably devastated twenty shaving bad off can take years off even if it's one of those fluffy bids that look like they belong to a fifteen year old Andy Murray transformation between Shanghai and into a just looking at downhill Medvedev and he suddenly he looks so young no US quite here he's always been next gen are you serious because he looks a lot older than twenty whatever he was I think it's because he's always had what looks like a slightly receding headline but I think he's just his forehead he's never looked like a young player to me until now the total of the next gen shaved it off suddenly extreme fetters having a word with these young players about that bummer flos Federa turns up once in a while doesn't he with his growth yeah and doesn't win doesn't win he's properly I mean there's another bid I'm not being bidders just if you can do it properly yeah I did have my my one week ago and never again so anyway after nine Mia Sarker withdrew kicked Burton's stepped up for her eight tournaments and eight weeks and arena is remark nation played all seven weeks since the US I've been that is ridiculous ridiculous and gone deep in most of them rushing to the last day issues Hi this is on about seventy six matches for the year so far now maybe more than that but yeah she's she came out and she my sense I didn't watch the Hull match other you watched most of it not all of it and to me she looked a little rusty I would've expected I mean I I've always found alternates trying to play in the in the finals with say GPO wgn a really interesting insight into what happens when a plas slightly turns off the vowel of competitiveness through for a while and Dan Hall yeah but I was I was reading how severe cannon I read an interview with her today she's the second alternate so she still may end up getting to play and she said you know I I'm here and I'm kind of waiting and trying to be as prepared as a kind of having massages all day and it's kind of like my vacation is started early and yet I'm still trying really hard to remember that I might have to actually play but they treat us so well she says I feel like hat gray line but you know I've seen in the past when Albert Costa turned up at the nineteen ninety eight ATP finals and he was the second alternate into I alternate embers Gregory's Ed's crew who took the place of can't remember who maybe Marcelo Rios after one round match and resides came one went in one two round-robin matches and was unable to qualify style because the others all over the place as well but he made possible yeah he he beat Tim Henman's a Henman's third match there's a big deal backlit Britain nine hundred ninety eight you can imagine what it is live back there and it was Henman managed to qualify I think alongside Alex Corretja or call us more or someone like that and reside ski didn't quite make it but cost played the final round Robin match against correct share and I was really looking forward to this match because you know costumer been playing well earlier in the exile but he clearly taken few weeks off and had had a good time he wasn't quite in fighting fit form to be caught on a city he looked like he'd had his boat for about three weeks and he played like I mean he came out and he had to write good guy but my there's against me might Alex correct you like the biggest hitter the you've ever seen you live encourage you just knocked him off the goal fairly amusing anyways Ause I alternate stories Kiki buttons came out and looked a little rusty for the first forty five minutes build a to that much the bt sports jj they were showing shorts of her hitting earlier on that does which is how I hit on the court and she was chuckling that I mean she was missing law and we always rueful about the the adjustment in cooled surface and having to charming these adjustments so quickly and she was she had a sort of put I'm just GonNa give this ago and see what happens type look on speech tens is great sc to have but I didn't know what happens bossy pleased I asked me to analyze what happened to us not scoreline let's just look at the school and I thought she when the first six three she was one of think she was one of the second set he won with break forty fifteen really yeah wow and because like I say I watched watching a few points and I had to go and do a few odds with family and I was getting your life text updates on on this and various other subjects and suddenly you just said Bossi's fall in right here and look to the score again it's one set all it's to all in the third and then things went quickly quite quickly after yes she never refound it till she had Craig Tyzzer on court he was going into detail about serving in sports he said you gotta go t t I guess me too yeah it was encouraging her to to do that in order to try and regain her rhythm on serve but it was moved I mean her serve did sort of deserted it was moved out her forehand desert to turn it was quite lonely in how quickly to get away from her and you wait you're just waiting for it to get it back in it never came sort of a just a bizarre crisis of confidence mid match out of nowhere against a really I mean obviously keep keep buttons grew in her comfort levels yeah yeah she's such an incredible physical specimen that she does get stronger as much as on the matter she's played the last ten weeks in a row but nonetheless but he had a she had a she should've away I mean because it was bizarre really zone for Mashburn Hidden I what she does with craters when she sits down and analyzes that because it must feel very alarming to know that you know you'll you'll powers can just desert e the flick do think it's one it could which be one of those quirks of the round-robin system because party is never played this event before I know she played round robin in June last year and you know she only just about qualified and then she then she ended up winning the thing but just mentally seems to me that it not being life and death I just I've thought about this before how do you play tennis when you've got mass go ahead and to take away the the immediate jeopardy I may be putting too much stock in in this for fresh party maybe nothing to do Eh but I've seen matches which don't feel quite quite right over the years in the round-robin stage is because there is no jeopardy on them but then how do you count for playing so well for setting a bit what went off did you did you get a sense I mean her four hundred we really went off and Craig toys as a site cray toys was really focusing on the serve and a service rhythm going and yes to serve did it but it.

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