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Hey Joe Walsh everybody hope you had a really really good day all of you god bless you all follow me on Twitter at Wall Street and see a cop thank a cop it's astounding two hundred Democrats in the house signed on to a piece of legislation to basically banned well the band semi automatic firearms to basically ban the fire arm of choice that virtually every law abiding American uses for home defense self defense target practice Han team you name it now I don't think the Democrats are under any illusion that this is going anywhere but they're telling you what they want to do if they control the entire federal government by the way they need two hundred and twenty Democrats to sign on and then they would force a vote in the house on this bill two hundred two big number and ordinarily when two hundred Democrats were two hundred of any party sign a new bill the speaker usually brings that bill forward for a vote I I'm not sure that pelo see we'll because this is pretty extreme congresswoman Frederica Wilson from Florida she's one of the two hundred she said today assault weapons were designed for one purpose to kill people in war ordinary citizens shouldn't have these firearms I'm gonna just be as polite and respectful as I can because that's the new woke Joe Walsh I'm just going to be polite and respectful this Congress woman as she has no idea what she's talking about if you're gonna ban firearms that virtually all Americans used for home defense self defense firearm semi automatic firearms and she's out there just shot in the bar assault weapons it's Sarah it's crazy let me go to you I hate can you're on the man.

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