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Simmered off since then but i don't see it being consistently dominant. Afc their statement and the fellow statement on the statement. Lamar jackson and the ravens will recapture their twenty nine thousand nine form when they finished with fourteen wins and he was the. Mvp it's real they will recapture the farm. They're winning games but at the end he's not going to be the mvp they're still gonna be a thirteen fourteen win type football team. Well see i would disagree. I will say not real because he lamar's not playing at mvp caliber level. And that's what he played in two thousand nine hundred zero winning no man who's winning but he's not playing at that level plus who was he throwing the ball to key. They still winning though. Still a good football team. Tennessee coming off a head-scratching defeat. Afc south they're statement the fella statement on this. The titans defense wakes up before it's too late now real. They won't it. This division is now in indies. Hands in in their control indies. Figured it out. I think philip rivers has figured it out. And we'll see a big test for philip rivers again this weekend when they take on the baltimore ravens is. He cannot turn the football over in. They'll be in good shape if he turned the ball over. There gonna be trouble. See i'm gonna say real here. Not only did they go out and get a a defensive back and desmond keen at the trade deadline right but also dorie. Jackson comes back off. Injuries should be a huge boost or secondary. And i like variables. Really good coach. I think they turn around. Indeed coming off what i would say a stunner that loss to the bengals to the afc west dare statement on the wringer dot com that we will react to nobody can stop the chiefs. That's not true. Because the raiders stopped him. So that's not true at all. And they got to see the raiders again in the raiders are going in with confidence. So that's not real. Would you not have the says. He said we'll favourite. Yes but stopping them. The raiders have already stopped him they they. They lost to the raiders. A cedar raiders again. Here in a couple of weeks. Yeah i mean. I i take this. Is anybody going to stop them from winning a super bowl. Not can you stop them for one game. I think once they get to the playoffs at all their weapons. I mean there's only one team the averages more points than msel's seattle seahawks. I think too many weapons. We're we're going into the super bowl. The i don't know what pittsburgh defense how they will be playing in. I don't. I don't necessarily know if baltimore will figure out how to punch him in the mouth but then when you get to the nfc into the super bowl let's remember jimmy. Garoppolo missed emmanuel sanders. And we wouldn't even be having this conversation about the chiefs in airport. Fair has a chance that we wouldn't be having this conversation key mentioned the. Nfc let's go there. Nfc east declared statement. The nfc east winner will have a winning record negative. No they'll they'll be an eight eight eight nater below the win that division they doesn't qualify. Guess is five hundred but it doesn't qualify a winning record to me so it's pretty much the eagles right. Tell me you won't made a bet on. The eagles have a winning record at three four and one at the moment giants next could get four one easily johnson playing well though playing well might win the division..

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