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That has sparked protests like this one in Kuta park. He's been as Whelan's who have crossed over to take part are demanding that the US aid be allowed into their country. But the massing of US supplies on the border is also a provocation the US is trying to convince Venezuelan military officers to define Medeiros orders and allowed the aid into the country. Such a rebellion could lead to Medeiros ouster. And that's exactly what Venezuela needs says Kevin Whittaker the US ambassador to Colombia he spoke with NPR by phone from Washington. People. Economy. Go back on. Again country, but humanitarian operations are supposed to be neutral. That's why the international Red Cross and other relief agencies have refused to collaborate with the US effort on the Venezuelan border. Here's stefan. United nations. Spokesman at a recent press briefing. What is important is that humanitarian aid beat de-politicized the risks of linking aid to regime change are already coming into focus with some aid workers being denounced by the Madero government as opposition activists Daniel omega works for Care International, which partners with aid groups in Venezuela. Ios receipts. Retaliation. Because we did nationally. All of is becoming aggressive. Another danger is that Maduro who currently allows in some humanitarian assistance could close the door on aid altogether. Meanwhile, aid groups are bracing for US sanctions that effectively blocked the sales of Venezuelan oil to the US. These proceeds make up the bulk of Venezuela's cash income which is used to import food and medical supplies, that means rice milk, an antibiotics could become even more scarce, even so many Venezuelans strongly back the US approach. They include Jose Manuel, lavar is a doctor and opposition congressman. Fatal booklets. Alabama would sit on the only body says he's convinced there won't be time for average Venezuelans to feel the pinch of the sanctions because Maduro will soon be forced out ambassador. Whitaker insists that the US aid effort is moral and ethical by contrast. He says my daughter is funneling state food handouts to Hungary Venezuelans in exchange for their support. What's politicizing does its withdrawal? Because there's great country. The minutes will in opposition is now enlisting thousands of volunteers to help break. The aid blockade starting on February twenty third such a maneuver could provoke clashes with the security forces still what swallow a retired lawyer at the protest in Kuta has signed up to help. Is legitimate. He says, and we need it for NPR news. I'm John Otis in Kuta Columbia..

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