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Not take chances. The storm is expected to crash into Florida in a few hours, then rocket nor through Georgia and the Carolinas before exiting into the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, Georgia's governor has issued at emergency declaration for hurricane Michael from member station W AB in Atlanta, Tasneem Shamma reports the state is bracing for the store this week. A state of emergency is now in effect for ninety two counties in Georgia ahead of hurricane. Michael governor Nathan deal says the state's watching the path of the storm closely, it appears that those southern counties all the ones going to be most likely impacted and we will put in place all of the provisions related to an emergency declaration. We just hope that it is not too severe. And that it does not last too terribly long. The emergency declaration is in effect for seven days already Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson international airport has. Cancelled forty five flights today for NPR news. I'm this name Shama in Atlanta, the Russian foreign ministry says five party talks involving the United States North and South Korea, China and Russia are needed to ease tension on the Korean peninsula. Matthew Bodmer reports from Moscow the state Cummins rather statement comes after Chinese and North Korean deputy foreign ministers met their Russian counterparts today in Moscow in a statement released following the conclusion of meetings with Chinese and North Korean diplomats. Russia's foreign ministry now says that multilateral talks are the way forward the three parties also said in a joint statement that the United Nations should begin looking at using sanctions on Pyongyang as part of a coordinated process toward denuclearization under President Trump. The US has been actively engaging North Korea to end the nuclear stalemate following secretary of state might Pompey's recent visit to Pyongyang South Korea said that North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN was planning an imminent trip to Russia for NPR news. This is Matthew partner Moscow. On Wall Street. Stocks are sharply lower. The Dow was down two hundred sixty two points or one percent. The NASDAQ is down nearly two percent. This is NPR from ABC news. I'm Ted Goldberg. California's secretary of state says his office is working with federal ficials to keep voting system safe for next month's election. Kennedy is Raquel Maria. Dylan reports the secretary of state's office says California's voting systems weren't hacked or breached in two thousand sixteen but election officials observed outside actors probing the state's network and a massive disinformation campaign to manipulate public opinion and sew discord department of homeland security cybersecurity advisor Matt Masterson says they're expecting more of that heading into two thousand eighteen election systems remain a target for cyber actors secretary of state, Alex Padilla says California voters should feel confident that their votes will be counted. Because state law requires voting machines to create a paper trail and be. Regularly tested and audited. I'm Racquel Maria. Dylan kick, ubt news, a San Francisco. Juries nearly three hundred million dollar verdict in favor of a school groundskeeper who says the weed killer roundup caused his cancer is facing its first court test today agribusiness giant Monsanto plans to argue at a hearing that the verdict in favor of Dwayne Johnson. Should be thrown out attorneys for the company say Johnson failed to prove that roundup caused his lymphoma and presented no evidence that Monsanto executives were militias in marketing the chemical in August. A jury awarded Johnson two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages and in sports, the San Jose Sharks beat the Philadelphia Flyers to two in preseason basketball..

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