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Welcome all you wire-tappers out there once again. I'm in the Studio Gang Lenoir on the phone now with a pretty well known guy especially back in the day. Markle Leonardo Hope. I didn't butcher that up too bad. Mike. I've got this northwest Missouri. Nasal Twang it and and sometimes they get too many bows the name. I butcher the heck out of get my butcher's Apron Apron anyhow so you you were a cap. Oh and the in the Gotti family's actually the Gambino family which is kind of interesting that it stayed it kept the Gambino family name all the way to present time in in the news. I've noticed in God's name didn't ever get attached to that. I've never understood how they attach a name to a crime family. But but you were. You were born into this thing. Almost it looks to me like so you start out a little bit about your family history and how you were what what we call it. Legacy End The Luck Ocean knows. You're a family goes back Sicilian and my family goes back. A couple of hundred years involved in the Mafia of course another shoe or another type calls frightening Zella. They had different terms for what they called. Each other gives ago and then I would migrate it to the States so my great grandfather. My grandfather got which in eighteen ninety five over his family when he got to. The country was already set up that the people want to see from people that was from Sicily. Way We sent over the the people in the states and he was only fifteen when a guy that they went to lower Manhattan that was really like the nucleus of the Mafia between there. The Bronx was probably the two main hubs in York outside like Louisiana which was really the first heavy migration Sicilians in the mafia in the country. What's a lot of people? Really? Don't know unless you're deficient added all of this stuff. A lot of saints went to Louisiana all my upbringing in in this life Was that the knee you know is seeing everything I heard. Even though my father was not a member of the two brothers were number. My grandfather kept him out outside of the getting into that life. My father had a very bad temper. My uncles they will really make that type of life. You know he but everybody was a cousin. Everybody that was close family so when my grandfather came here and it was almost like. I said it was fava to go see certain people in New York. You know it's a culture. It's a way of life and Stuff together to take advantage of their own at times. Legitimate Poverty. You type people came in like things like a ratio oldies entertainers shop owners. So they accepted preyed on their own kind. Also at that time. This is establish this up. This is a like a gag. Just emanating disrup-. They had roots. It's just how they attach does. Legitimate states with politicians will enforcement unions etc. And help out a built this empire which is still today in the states not been tuned once was casino. Control the judges of the politicians when it used to be used for that but my family got here in the Late eighteen hundreds. Dave was like almost like welcoming committee. That's how they step into the life and that's how my grandfather get started at a very young age. He gets to be a very strong figure. It which was before it was called. The gambino family was his goal. Badeah we baptize. The is Donna. And this guy got baptized. My father was a guy called the Salvator Doug Willa which was really one of the fresh bossom bosses of the whole country. Oh Yeah he put people in just about every family. Will you know in the country at one time? They would call the Mikey but despite an athlete. That's what came to say later. By Chrysler All will go nice by law enforcement but he You know had this General Assembly that workplace before and then after continued this this you know when you hear these stories is a young man you know if I grandfather of course by my father. My uncles then later on. I two older brothers nine ten years my senior stories Other people in the neighborhood. My neighborhood was like eighty percent. Sicilian about ninety five percents down and we didn't have just like a couple of blocks. We had was one of the biggest cities in the country. The this is how you got you. You see what's going on around you without saying I'm a product of my environment was. That's lame excuse. Yeah that's nobody's practically invited. You're going to do as independent thinker. You go in direction you wanted to do. You want to be drug addict whereas product drug eggs. Hang out. You'll be drug drug. I don't hang out with drug out. Do you WanNa be happy you emulate idolize speakers and you WanNa leave the past and you try to grow in that. You don't want to go be a lawyer. Gobi PAP choke like. I said I would would ice seeing what I Mike Perspective of what I see and I see total amount of people respect how to handle themselves having handedly families I. I gravitated to that interesting. You know as a teenager then young man. We all kind of want to You know we have these expressing ourselves and starting to move into something. I would assume that you probably start getting some kind of crimes a teenager and in order to be noticed by somebody or they would start noticing that. Because you know you don't into a crime family or any kind of organization like that. They're not just going to take anybody and you're going to have to offset rumors we'll start. Hey here this. Mikey kid You know a pretty tough. You know he. He can handle himself. You GotTa get a real valid point when I was a kid my grandfather and go to houses when he when he started making some money when he first got okay and got married Gigi Fernandez Brooklyn Away. What this house was a double yacht and my grandfather was old school Italian and he had his grape. She fakes at his Chevy trees out his speech at all. Its Roots Festival. Dude tenures God NEPI Daves. Go to up. You know what the continue on visit I would get. The fix season will come law Michaeli. You were very very broken English. You Limited English. They should mike open to fix the quality going to fix the Jerry Club. These two guys they talking about a much older than their fathers reverted in the mob and they were very close by graph. I Like I was saying earlier with this one guy dog. Willa Was My my my father's godfather and he was murdered October Tenth Banking Twenty Eight And this was this guy was the whole. Get The guy who ran the country at one time so that was my father's godfather and my father got the notice guy because he was killed around father was sixteen years old. My father born twelve nineteen. Well so you know. These were my cousins even though there was no blood. Yeah these were my cousins because my grandfather look after their kids if fathers and daughters into whole famine I if my grandfather bought a piano for my father so by the House. Did family got a piano if he was dead. They have been extremely close. I grew up call because not all right so as a young boy. Now eight ninth any circle the globe to bring the fix. I go there and I'd be hanging out with all these old it. Give me a quarter fifty cents. Who gives you a dollar and as you get older you get that five dollars hanging around the club and get all the twenty dollars you hang around the club to everybody knows you in that circle at. It's not just one family. You know defied families other people get to know. That's what stunning. So they're supposed to Jimmy's grandson. And Oh that's Paul causing everybody you know. They travels around the street and get the doug now has really three sets of France at the guys. I grew up playing ball with because I consider myself an athlete Valley but by baseball's overboard CETERA. At separate set of friends had my gang. Friends was in itself separate than the sport guys and my gang friends. What built my rep up as streak streak and then it had the older guys wish this continue like I said a little boy would go to the club and see my cousins Jerry and Paulie and all the rest of the people and I would you know. It wasn't just walking. I was this kid who was like. I wouldn't WANNA eat.

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