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Oh, so what's up. So I have you. I gotta ask you a little bit about about this whole this whole Trump thing, and, and I know you're you're a fan of of of hookers and blow. So what do you think about. I don't know whether that's, that's me. That's you. Really? Okay. Yeah. Actually, we both share that common interest. Well, you get. With. But what do you think about this Trump thing that that the the big news out in the the threat that he may be impeached and all that if you've been following any of that? I've heard I've heard about it. Yeah. Yeah, I don't care. I really don't care. I mean, I don't know railing and I were talking about it earlier and we're both right today. Literally today she brought it up. She's like, what do you think about this whole thing? I really don't care. I mean, like people are human beings. They're gonna make mistakes, shouldn't I mean regardless of whatever. Whenever I my opinions are of his presidency. I mean, besides that it whatever it doesn't. It doesn't affect me anything. I don't think there's anything I get that we're, we're talking about what's what's his name. That's that's subpoenaed in in Cohen. Thank you. Thank you for that. I, I don't think he has anything solid. I think that this whole thing is just a waste of our time. Honestly, I, I'm so blown away that this is the thing that we think is going to finally get Trump impeached and I don't like Trump. Okay, I don't. There's lots of things to dislike about him, but this just seems ridiculous to me. It seems like such a waste of time. I mean I- somebody's gotta do it someone's gotta, make sure these people are are not using campaign donations for this about, but why are we not talking about Trump tariffs? Why are we not talking about the the subsidies to counter the negative effects of Trump tariffs? Why are we not talking about the ice situation anymore? Oh, well, we are when we're trying to counter and other stupid point, I mean, and then there's the wall. And when we talk about the wall, we literally are not talking about how that wall would happen, which is financially ridicu-. Louis corrupt, and we're not talking about wall, which would really hold back. Sorry. I'm sorry. And an eminent domain, which is also something Trump loves to do. So let's talk about real things that and let's abolish things where is he doing? What's he doing? Why don't you Bosh something Trump. News better when he was rolling back regulation and all that all the garbage you was doing early on and you know you did. He actually rolled back quite a bit of regulation. Of course, they'll just they'll put new regulation in its place. So it'll all end up being failure in the end. But no, I think I think you're right. I just I felt like we need to talk about something related to current events for people we're listening, but so you show find anything Jason. Do you think that this is actually going to be the thing? Because I don't think it's going to happen there. There is there is nothing legally that is going to happen to Trump over campaign finance law. The campaign may have to pay a fine, but it none of it relates back to Trump. Now, what Cohen is suggesting in some of the things that he said is that he wants to meet with Muller's team because there he says he has evidence that Trump knew about the hacking the the Russian hacking of the DNC before it happened and actually egged it on now. If if that's true and he can substantiate that with evidence than there, there is a crime there. He's cooperating and you know, in a felony and a cybercrime. But I mean, that's that's a really, really long. It's a real long shot unless he's got recordings or something of that. So I don't think there's anything they're not like you. I gotta talk about it because it's what's on the show, and it's the news that, but it to me, it's like, I'm like, you. I think that there are so many other things that we can be talking about like yesterday on the show we talked about how seventy percent of seventy percent of kids under the age of eighteen are living in a home where someone is receiving government assistance means tested assistance,.

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