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Folks that is. It is right here on barrett's toggle live. It's w. dvr dvd dot net. It's august twenty twenty one. I bought it word. We got a lot of dick's in the room literally. Don't measure up much but they're not. I thought it was a six nine. Nothing says the seventh time zones. Oh okay we got dc and we got frustrates you guys doing. It's even laying around taking easy. You may not want to raise your voice too much. It cuts you out. Yeah frosty cross. Anything yet has he. He barely said i'm here. That's the time when we are doing the practice evasive maneuvers in the black hawk. When we i got over to saudi arabia ninety. I wasn't used to fly all that flying. I was getting sick and they were out there. Doing the evasive maneuvers. Pretend that for missile came what they would do. And i'm sitting there in the sightsee. The door gunner seat and got the home in on them all wired up and they're not and i'm just sitting there puking my brains out. I could barely move now. Slumped over in the pas guys drove back there. Everybody scream and i kind of hit the same time. What good and then never heard me. That's what that reminds me of mine when you said frosty said i'm here nice on with the show it's on with the show. So how's things out and colorado would start twenty twenty one smokey. We're fucking people in utah. Sending their smoke here to colorado springs. Nice now i was supposed to have already been on. The road headed eased to the next event. This friday rain here or this saturday. The loss warriors scenic run saturday august fourteenth and nine eight nine. Am you still can go sign up for this. So the day of the raffles fifty fifty of big buck drawn food chinese auction. You know the last bike will be back in at four pm but all during the day. I'll have a boost setup combined. Meet the bird and gabby sued. Let's gabby so. I may and jason who set this up the sponsorship the proceeds benefit db farm loss worried a scenic run..

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