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Hunters podcast. Podcast that is dedicated towards bridging. Divide between these in the community that they serve. Thank you so much for tuning in. I really really appreciate it. Thank you so much so today if you have any concerns about ovid nineteen vaccine. Are we going to try to ease those fears Some people are willing to get. Some people will are not willing to get it in for various reasons right. Some have a general distrust of the medical system so people have gentlemen just bus politicians. Some people have a general distrust because of the history that has been placed Primarily upon people call her then specifically Black people Some people just have distrust of gercy theories or distrust the vaccines overall. But we're going to try to It platform to a woman who is in charge of the city of new haven connecticut or making sure that people are getting vaccines in setting people up and all that kind of stuff. So weak recorded as a couple of months ago on facebook live. Actually you are tuning in every every monday seven thirty. Pm eastern standard time to listen to follow capital hunters podcast facebook. Lot however it If you don't continue to make sure you tune into these particular episode. So we hadn't miss marita m. p. h. She used the health department director for the city of new haven. So she's gonna come on and just kind of sway assuage people's concerns and fears about About getting the corporate nineteen vaccine. As i mentioned are we recorded this of back. In a couple of months ago when vaccine was was was newer I think by last count. But i heard over one million over one. Hundred million americans had been vaccinated. Vaccinations around the world. People want to travel wanna go to countries This is becoming more and more Mandatory Than countries in countries in different states are actually mandating that people get their vaccination. So we're going to give her a chance to Kind of swayed your fears and concerns so You would turn over to our interview with miss maria bond. She was the new haven of the year for the year. Twenty twenty because of her work because of her advocates.

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