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Yeah which is a maze ing the universal back lot where they filmed it the diner was the same diner from back to the future which is kind of fun there you go i love that tyner in the great edith head which i'm sure you've been universal the costume building there were buildings to eat it that building sure she won her eighth and final academy award and her quote afterward or the acceptance speech was just imagine dressing the to handsome men in the world and then getting this kind of says it all wait and then we finish with what ebert said is a complete disappointment always like to to go through and see what roger ebert said about these movies before we finished with our five questions and ebert gave it four stars surprise is that four out of four four to five or four hey you go top rating he said the movie has a nice light fingered style to it he'll gently kids the nineteen thirties with a slight exaggeration fashions and styles and he's the awfully good at maintaining kind of offbalance pacing we never quite pin newman and redford down there always sort of angling into scenes making enigmatic statements under their breath and staying at least a step ahead of us which i thought was interesting that is part of like you said part of the viewers experiences being conned a bit as well very cool all right and now five questions mr tony shalhoub the first movie you remember seeing the theater.

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