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Heart, book dot com. Couple of his books miracles stem cell heart repair hidden causes a heart attack and stroke. And of course, she was putting out the Christian wild stem cell and turmeric research report as well. And there's also a toll free number that I should give you it's one eight six six stem one two three very easy to remember one eight six six stem S T E M one two three Kristen before we go back to final calls in a very rapid the program faster than fast wanted to get your take on these new guidelines for blood pressure. What are they in? What does that mean? Well, let's see they've lowered it two hundred and twenty systolic over eighty diastolic. They figure that'll bring thirty million more people. Into the guidelines that normally would not be considered for a medication. Is it a trick to get more people Medicated? You never know. But from what I read and looked at the studies of various benefit in having lower blood pressure. I mean, what is border line one forty over ninety it used to be. That's what it was. Yeah. And now we're talking one twenty over eighty that's a pretty big drop. That's a big drop big drought. One twenty was almost perfect. Yeah. You know, the two two of the most popular Medicare patients, but sit appraisal has been found to cause lung cancer and the other one. A or b the other one has up I'll think of it in a minute. But that same problem. Jeez. So those are two of the most popular drugs are is that a new discovery about the license per Lindahl in lung cancer. I saw it about ten years ago. But this time, it's become more obvious. If you have if you've been taking the drug for five years, you've got a fourteen percent chance if you've been taking it for ten years. You have a thirty one percent chance. Of developing lung cancer. Crazy stuff. Okay. Let's go back to the calls are ready for some more. They're christian. I just took. I just had to go look at. I thought you fell off your chair or something? Joe in Monterey, California. Go ahead. Joseph starts in this the other. Okay. Okay. I George Joan Christian. I'm taking a I take a formula to Merrick silica water like Fiji water off all coconut oil and pinch of black pepper boiler in the pot. And I drink it down his cool enough to help detox the medals in my brain her you go. Can you shopper than attack? Joe? So it must be working for you. My chess game better. Hey, we have to play chess one day. Okay. I wouldn't play with yours nor he's too good. No. I'm not that good given handicap. Spot him. I don't know how do you spot? It. How do you handicap and chess? Well, I don't know. Yes. All right. Joe? Thanks, pay scale, you what did you think of his formula there? If it works for him. It sounds good anything that anything that shows an improvement is so wonderful cancer warnings unpopular ace inhibitors ace inhibitors, those are the two listener Pearl. And when I fell off my chair trying to find the note, I made you did fall off. I could tell. Hello certain those are it's so unfortunate because they're they are such popular drugs. Knowing you I'm trying to I'm going to remote view, you're sitting at your desk. New chair. You've got a glass of red wine next to you know, but I wouldn't mind. Next up. Let's go to Daniel in Virginia Beach Virginia. Hi, dan. Go ahead. Hi, thank you. I'll try to make sure it's free. I'm sixty eight and way back in seventy seven I fell asleep back home in PA. In my car, and.

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