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On the ben ferguson show should um wind the mayor who warned illegal emigrants of the ice raids coming in should i be should they should she be arrested i think we should be a rare anybody else who else uh i was in total agreement with a laugh through power the idea that these people can come in here in the ring of and they want them to come here simply for the votes there's no doubt and for me to a war uh in the steel mill an worked my butt off are all these years and these people can come in here and get the hand out for nothing and live is good or better than me and not have to work just drives me polfer i think that uh i don't know what the president can do about these people helping uh them but uh i'm sure he has to be thinking uh with his uh whoever is looking into a forum uh about what to do and who hutu you know but i don't know who we would get sued go after them and why exactly he could do but something needs to be done for sure well you got to have law and order across the country fredero immigration laws are part of that and if you don't have law and order on that level then you have a lawless society and if california one savelov all a society on other issues that's fine but when it comes not working and passing laws it refused to allow law enforcement to work with the federal government you have to sue on this there is no there is no negotiating on this you have that i'm just can't believe where our countries gotten uh that they will do anything to just be in disagreement uh to uh it's almost like um oh the republican democrat the hatred has set the bad that we have become uh enormous enough that no matter what the issue we they'll do it uh everything they can again the gift or the sake of of are going against the system i i can't understand their reasoning so anyway i i i think they should be arrested and i'll leave it at that thank you sir thank you for taking my call thank you sir great to talk.

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