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Voters either for or against Mr trump Emily Valdez can extend seventy newsradio yeah trying hard to keep his job that story coming up in just about two minutes twelve thirty five this is something California's only property whether to gather every ten minutes on the five here is the stylish and let's go on to south LA were still seeing some slowing their this is on the and one ten north between Slawson and am okay with the two right lanes are blocked a box truck is on a side part of a three vehicle crash waiting on a tow truck that can upright that box truck so seeing a lot of slowing between the two axes after Slawson then Vernon and so just be aware of that now let's go to Santa Clarita on the northbound side of the fourteen after Escondido canyon road to car crashes working there this is on the right shoulder I don't see any slowing there which is the good news and let's go out to the Inland Empire on the ten west before haven there's a carvers is a pick up truck that's over on the right shoulder and then in Sam or dean on the two ten west after Waterman Avenue to car rear render ones facing the wrong way waiting on a tow truck to get rid of that one and in December to Dino on the job that I actually riverside on the two fifteen north before center street S. U. V. went down the right shoulder embankment and according to the log the driver fled the scene and all those incidents are three incidents there are is no slow slowing involved in that so that's good news and then the wrapping up a crash in Tustin on the fifty five south before for street a two car crash this over the right shoulder next reports coming up at twelve forty five I'm just hours more traffic reports are often can extend seventy newsradio with the weather picture we've got some high advisories those rumors were talking about the high wind advisory for the inland valleys gusts to thirty five miles per hour in.

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