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Does not does not quit. And so the Dodgers are good and the Giants on paper are not is not a hot take. It's not a hot take. But then sometimes the medium take gets put on steroids. Dylan Hernandez has been writing for the Dodgers for years and years tweeted this last night. Dodgers lost two games to a team that would have trouble beating the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. But it's still too early to hit the panic button. Remember eight National League teams will qualify for the post season this year. In other words, more than half of the National League is going to the playoffs now, I didn't watch Saturday and Sunday and go Wow. The Giants are going to the playoffs. They still don't look like that. But they look like the team that they've been for the last couple of years, which is that if you give their pitching staff just a few runs And you get a close game going into the late innings. I like your chances. Now. That's what sort of happened on opening night and then it all fell apart. But the 1st 2 nights, the Giants only scored one run the Giants rule for about two or three years, and it's annoying rule for fans. I get it, but the rule has been If the offense goes like four runs or North gotta win that kid you got because they're not going to do that every night. Well, this time every time they scored more than one run, they ended up with a victory. The Dodgers are going to be fine. I'm sure there'll be one of the top eight teams. Are you confident right now that the Giants will be one of the top eight teams, most of you Would probably say no but four games into a season. I'm not making comments like that, because you just don't know and next week Brandon Belt, Evan Longoria and Joey Barton might all be in that starting lineup, And that does in fact change things a little bit. I like that the world is ripping the Giants. It's going to give him the streak that they need emotionally..

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