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Usman dang, max Christie, are you still most optimistic about? I think that my answer on that is going to be max Christie. And I think that that is going to be because a we've started to see some signs from max Christie last night, he was really, really good. I know that he has a 48.4 shooting percentage right now, but against Oakland, he dropped 17 points. He had 11 on 6 shots against Louisville. He had 18 against butler earlier this year. There have been some flashes there and as we know just throughout the history of the Michigan state basketball program, these guys do tend to get better, they tend to really make leaps throughout the course of the year, whatever Tom is a does. He builds toward the end of the season not toward the beginning of the season. I think that just based off of that track record, I would take max Christie. I think that the UCLA rotation is probably just a little bit too cluttered and I thought that Peyton Watson was kind of more raw than max Christie was coming into the year. Another guy for this might be Bryce McGowan's. I think that Nebraska's situation just might not be very good. Frankly, I don't like what I've seen from Alonso verge at the point guard position. I think that McGowan's going to have to take a ton of contested tough pull up jumpers, and I'm not sure that he's a good enough shooter yet to make those consistently. Also, he struggled around the rim a little bit, so I don't think I would take McGowan's usman dang. He's shown some flashes for New Zealand I've watched all of their games. You know, it's just a limited role there and it's harder in the NBL, the NBL's a more skilled league. It's a tougher league. I think it's just more difficult to be successful there. Then it is in college, but it wouldn't surprise me if by the end of the year he was playing really well because I think that just in general, the NBL does prepare guys in a real high level. Just because of the physicality that it presents. So as you get used to that throughout the course of your first professional season, we've seen even guys like terrance Ferguson who did not like play exceedingly well over there. They got better throughout the course of the season. Lamella lamella ball got better throughout the course of the season. I think that there's just an adjustment period to playing over here in Australia that it just isn't quite as big of a shock as it is to play in college basketball. The other guy is interesting within this conversation. I do think is AJ Griffin out of duke. We have seen some flashes from him as well. We'll be very interested to see how much we see out of AJ Griffin. As the season progresses and two of his last three games, against South Carolina state he had 19 points on 7 of 8 shooting against Appalachian state. He had 11 points. Look, I don't know what to do with AJ Griffin yet, but I think that he might be the highest upside guy out of this group that I think could really take a leap by the end of the year..

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