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David Chen joins me on the podcast David. Welcome. It's a real honor to be here. Thank you for having me. I'm really interested in your fascination with Houston because I am originally from Houston I never thought of it as having a huge food sane. But apparently, you say that like it's one of your favorite food towns in the world why is that absolutely because HOUSTON, there's no place quite like it because of the different ethnic groups, it's one of the most diverse on paper. I think the most diverse population in terms of immigrants in the country. Okay. The Vietnamese Indian yeah. You also have. How should I say a city council that allows people to build they want okay. Okay now worry a little little regulation and that's very good for business, but particularly for restaurants There's low, there's no state income tax there's. Bounty of the Gulf of Mexico. You have great seafood. You have also great farms and animals. You have a lot of colleges around you. It's like, okay, you have everything. Okay. That's It just. It's a perfect storm to create a culinary environment that is truly unique in American. Can you see mergers of cuisines happening there that you're not seeing anywhere else and that's an amazing thing and I'm not even talking about like the specific like if you just want to get Vietnamese food that's as good as. Maybe the best in America maybe outside of Orange County who knows it's definitely in conversation and Houston is. Always surprising as to what's developing and percolating there. And because of that. Ability for people to try something new because it's not so cost prohibitive. I. Think you you very interesting results. Yeah I, mean compared to New York there must seem like a dream for a chef to kind of have the lack of regulation and be able to do what you want. That's the opposite of your standard of living is higher. You know it's it's. It's a pretty good place to open up a restaurant on, and now are you going to open a restaurant there? What have one right now we don't, but you never know yeah, I genuinely love Houston it's got all the sports teams you want is for sure you know they say Austin's weird I think Houston is way weird. Well I'm interested in how you came to cooking because it's funny your parents can had to businesses, they owned restaurants and they owned a golf warehouse at least initially you started off leaning more toward the ladder you wanted to be tiger woods when you were young I think my father wanted me to be okay he was that really like Tiger Woods is. Way Ahead of the curve in terms of Asian parents trying to get their kids to play golf. Yeah the my dad. Worked as entire life to get out of the restaurant business and to make sure his kids would never work in it. So the irony of me getting into. You know isn't lost on me. But Golf was My predestined profession. And burned out at the ripe age of like thirteen. Yeah. Pretty good I thought it was pretty good but ultimately, I think one of the reasons I burned out besides me not loving it is I wasn't as good as I thought I was yeah..

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