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Educated and your business experience this is the law something a little bit different are will good luck not clark hope it works out four let's let's rough let's go back to the defamation thing really fast because now with social media as you mentioned everybody can spout off about everything and you we see all the time people upset with extra why company you know i've done it myself where have had experience with with an airline in a bug out awards for and you say hey now you can almost shot right to them hey airline this happened to be blah blah blah and good companies have response teams and they get back to you and but at what point can accompany sue you four different is it what is it ever really worth it if george john to citizen with four hundred followers on twitter or ten thousand followers on twitter so something that you as a company do not think reflects well on you what's the deal first of all you have to it has to be a fact not an opinion and it has to be false and it has to be about something like your reputation which is probably the case and you have to show damages okay and so so he can't be an opinion a keppy these people stink or at the you know they did a crummy job it has to be they use plastic and they they warranty that it was glass something like that okay um and you don't you don't i had the same situation brian i had a 19yearold uncle in another city and i hired somebody to do some work for him and they just did not do it and it upset him and they weren't do innate overcharged him and they did a terrible job you know in my thought it just like anyone else's i'm gonna post on facebook i'm going to take their site down i'm in a bet better business bureau them and then thinking to myself i really just want to.

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