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Great every day and also those who listen from. Npr in wb you are. I'm tanya moseley. And i'm scott tong. It's here now. The threat from ida is not over. The storm could still dump up to eight inches of rain. On the northeast and meantime most of new orleans is still without power three days on and the lights could stay out for a long time. The impacts are more than just inconvenient. They can be life threatening especially for senior citizens who are on a fixed income and rely on power for medical devices and to keep cool in this hot muggy weather. Emily woodruff is a health reporter with the times. Pick a you. New orleans advocate newspaper. And she's been out visiting with people who are not able to evacuate before hurricane ida head and she joins us now. Welcome thank you. You recently visited a senior living facility in the seventh ward. What conditions like you know. It was kind of heartening to walk into it. I because they have this one outlet that that worked and they had all these hot plates on it and they were trying to cook. They're spoiling food. And then the circuit broke and they couldn't fix it and you know things. Just kind of deteriorated. Quickly there hot There were leaks. You know i saw blackwater come up through a first floor sink. And they're scared they feel alone. Can you tell us more about the people who live here. So the people who live in this one facility. It's independent living. I'm so it's not a nursing home. But a lot of them are medically fragile. They have you know hurt monitors or electric scooters breathing machines for people with asthma. And they're all over sixty two. Most of the people. I spoke with are in their seventies. So they're not people who who dr usually they're they're people who rely on public transportation or one man told me he could take his electric scooter all the way to his hospital if you needed to but without power. He can't do that. Several of the residents shared their stories with you. What did they tell you about their experiences over the last few days you shared with us that they're trying to make do with what they have but they still don't have a lot is they manage no power no resources right so i spoke with this one woman. Her name is doris la. She was standing outside when i walked up and she asked me if i was there to help. She asked me if i was. You know someone with an organization who might be able to give them something. And and i had to tell her. No but you know. She told me that they fell so abandoned. There was no staff you know it was really just residents. I later found out when their maintenance people who i think would normally be checking on them. His house was destroyed And he lives across the river so she just immediately shared with me like we don't have anything and they feel like no one is is looking out for them. Let's listen.

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