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And it just since i just want to hang out with people that talk in us in like trendy scaling gonna need to learn how to ski first nah nah well i mean all superior fuck around but i just i just wanna like a swimmer like smoke some pot with some uh some boroughs in denver and one of my wake listen to them talk most person numbered on husky while fuck to say that about us texans too but like well you better you better go try to do that before before monday another child madison as having a third today i hate today could amy earlier today as you any names takeout easy with this gino yeah hey are you going to the official name release on that i want to hear it yet it's his name is going to be crosby wiccan crosby nice bill crosby crosby middle name crosby cross lee whitcomb nice aisha i was hoping you would go cross crosby welcome crosby crosby you know one of my favorite names of all time as john john florence john john as john to cool yet school is john john what's your name john crosby already strong enough it doesn't need new anything else mom cross i think probably that'll real real unique crosby said after crosby stills nash and you know it was actually his the original name that we had like actually settled on we told my parents who one out was oliver which which goes with we have you know henry in charlotte looked pretty classic.

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