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Yeah i mean. He clearly hadn't realized don't didn't know or whatever i'm like. Well i must chance. John wall scott What am i gonna do. I'm gonna stand then went to to be cool. Did so it was in and out within space five minutes really very very quick efficient very well rub just hassle to to buy. Cna jess adams the volunteers. The supporting and i know a few people to all i'll Volunteering to suppose that thing radiantly organized. Honestly we were talking about this last night and saying is absolutely incredible. How just like money's not just this. Because i didn't know a single person he's he's gone in sort of said oh it was a shambles is sad. How well organized spin team and yes. It's extraordinary million. People is just amazing. Votes is that. I did find my my own experience a little bit because you know it felt like being sheep dip because there were so many people you know. Ted you put this vaccination center and also they clearly it common dates this industry this kind of warehouse on an industrial estate which was not the most inspiring place it will fit in a little bit nervous about and i was driving nothing like goodness you know i got really emotional like thinking just comedy hit me thinking have we got to this halfway. You know the must be to announce surreal. Have we got to this where you could see seventy people heading into this mass specs innovation center just fell like something i. I'm hamstrung by detail. It's yeah it was just you. Yeah what is going on is coming on. That was a bit. I was sort of in the best friend long When the and then. Of course. When i got in the you sort of sitting there in these you know these great big sort of had i guess you have the same experience by people on chazan. Movies like like kills. Then you know yes. All this was not save. See sort of sitting there and then sort of paring down with youth to the island could save a bit like dinner on on an airplane when the drinks i. This time they were bringing on every has.

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