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The store and the latest from florida now john tucker i wonder what they do with all that plant would you get a wonder hit goes to the dump eventually officials slowly piecing together the scope of hurmuz vicious path of destruction across the peninsula bob by one against of if the cost of total damages has dropped to forty billion dollars from two hundred billion still twelve point three billion people that's more than half the state's population remain with allowed without electricity residents could start returning to the upper florida keys this morning bitter limitations in the aftermath of hurricane erma mobrule county commissioner harry carruthers bill happier belfair hafner no feet market wreck in her occur we could reap all director in albany but it could take longer aren't orrick graf director bert baron 100 electrical pole down there burma's fallout will continue to haunt florida for at least the next few days as the largest us gasoline market after california texas thirst for fuel the state gets almost all of its gasoline by its ports wall port tampa bay port everglades which could bind handle about seven hundred thousand barrels a day of petroleum are planning to quickly restart operations it will take days for the fuel to make its way to retail stations south korea japan welcoming the un security council's new sanctions odd north korean response to its latest nuclear test the japanese prime minister sheikh so obvious have you highly appreciates what he called a remarkably tough sanctions resolution against the north uk government's plans to leave the european union have cleared a major hurdle after lawmakers passed the socalled great repeal bill bloomberg thomas penny has the latest police the theresa may's plans for taking britain as the remain on track costed low mike has voted for the brexit lloyd's would films the not without threatening to reruns hit light trim the parliamentary process in a very tough to midnight the house of commons fight the bell off two his promise to discuss critics concerns and consider allowing more time for scrutiny the legislation opposition parties have already type amendments and it promises to be a rookie raj when it returns to parliament next month in london thomas penny bloomberg daybreak voters across new york state or heading to the polls to pick the winners of local primary elections new york city mayor bill de blasio is considered the.

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