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Thanks for listening to another episode of homo ground and to show our appreciation we wanna send you some stickers for sticking around during this episode at choko mentioned using a lot of sex pless said metaphors and mentioned one food in particular tell us what that food was or send us a tweet with your own double entendre and we'll send you some stickers in the mail special thanks goes out to our patron on supporters catherine the gay katie sparrow ashley e michael be and willard at j thank you so much for supporting us on patron if you want to have your name shouted out had over to homo ground dot com slash petri on also special thanks to our sponsor adam male for all your kinky sex toy needs head over to adam male dot com they've been a longtime supporter of hummel ground and we truly appreciate their support to find out more information about homo ground and the eric featured on this episode head over to homo ground dot com slash episode two one nine you can also find us on facebook twitter instagram are username is homo ground you can listen to homo ground on i tunes a cast stitcher iheart radio and any place where you can listen to a podcast we love it if you could leave us in iteens review or just spread the word on social media any little thing helps and it gets this music out far and wide and you know we need more queer music out in the world.

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