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Me for drinking a white cloth like you always do all right so this is my problem with the whole thing. All right i told you and you make fun of me on this show saying oh they would have done it anyways. The whole birthday thing was a setup. Okay so what lies. Why are we why are we. Why are we What's it called on stage when you on theater when you're before show you rehearsal no fighting around. I have no idea what you're referring. White clause kicking a blocking blocking jet. Yeah okay. can't yeah blocking for the cameras. It's when okay you stay here if you're gonna do this. That's what they were. They were doing that before they play. Wait oh let's ride our bicycles cameras by the way it goes away is cameras on them by the way. I'm like freaking out. Guys are riding bikes without hands. I'm like grab the dam and also that's my point is they're doing that because it's hard knocks. They're trying to be a category. You're you're you're in a team conferences and people are trying to make jokes because they know the cameras are there. They're shy mumbling. Watch it again. And that's why we're dropping passes in preseason That's why all this stuff is happening. Get out. I'm done with this. Hbo crap and and you're right. I agree with what you said about deck deck is. That looks like the only person who is unfazed miami that okay i like can i do. I like dan quinn as well. I thought dan quinn brett was saying but there's just too much and you know what else i noticed is Dak prescott what he calls garrett gilbert did you hear that gilbert you didn't gilbert godfrey g g g g g g get out. I ain't coming out this bitch. I'm like oh yeah over that. So keith really quick what did you like. You don't like to see. I like that. I thought that could see. I don't know how to read prison telling me that wasn't funny. No you're such a killjoy. I'm not a killjoy. I watched it. I watched it twice and laughed about it twice. Yeah i won't say this. And i thought about this. They didn't tell dak to come over. We know who knows but we had to college. I've been to college camps so as keith. I've been on one high school camp where we actually I'm saying you've been three college camps. Oh sorry no. I only made it to three camps and i went to two different schools will go ahead right. Yeah same here yes. There's a lot of shenanigans stack goes on and camp. We all know that correct. Some of you know gets a little bit crazy. I was thinking maybe if the cameras are there goes it gets taken down a notch. Where like the kids tokens. So stupid of very true. That's very true to you. Don't wanna get a moving north. Dallas forty came out. It was about the dallas cowboys. And what they did and we know what irv and those cats did in the nineties during their camps. Yeah so maybe. It's a blessing knows. I can't get in trouble when the cameras around you. I wanted differently right. There built differently. They're not built of that. You know mustache hairy chest straightened scotch and smoke cigarettes at halftime football players in the seventies eighties. But again if the worst thing that's happening is they're throwing a cake and he can't wrap a present as opposed to going to nightclubs and get in fights. I mean bro. come on. We've had that today's nfl. It's not happening. I mean it wasn't too long ago. We were dealing with like pacman jones. Doing his thing so that was during training camp correct although their visa there's restrictions there's a lot but okay all right well anyway hard knocks go check out. Blogging boys youtube right after hard knox's over this week and They'll review the episode. I did too last week. It's a pretty cool show All right so rugged. I did too so the cardinals game comes and goes we lose this one again Again no wins losses. Don't mean anything right now. In the preseason but i do want to talk about stock up and down like who stock rose during this game and who's just plummeted Down the crapper and then obviously before we wrap the show up the the dallas cowboys do have to make five cuts On tuesday so the those cuts will happen pretty much simultaneously as you know we all watched hard knocks. Obviously it'll be like one week behind but The the cuts are coming. And then you know they only have to cut five. I believe you know bagging a day. If i remember correctly there was like cuts throughout training camp. And now it's just like five here and then bang cut your entire roster down to fifty from like eighty like they have to cut like thirty frigging players in one shot now. It's like it's insane but because now yeah remember how you survive cuts one you survive cuts to three or four whatever was and now it's just like you survive the five cuts and then you have to just kind of wait. Wait for your feet. Your fate to be determined right before kickoff really but anyway so stock up stock down. I'll start and then we'll go around. I'll start with some. What's oh yeah go ahead brett johnstone and we all do stock up or do or who. Stock is down. Yeah we'll we'll start with the down. We'll start with the down then we'll go up so my first down is connor williams They had him at center and this is a week removed after specifically me. Got excited about how he was handling. Aaron donald and practice. So everybody's getting excited about those reps in a practice scrimmage. The guy goes out there. Play center and the snaps are all over the place. I felt like every other snap was either juggled. Slyke kinda rolled into the ground spiked like it was just a bad look for connor and you know. The internet was ablaze on friday night about his first snaps of the game where it was just it was just ugly so his stock is down. I think he was the kid's gonna play well this year. Put him at left guard and let him play guard enough of this. Let's try to do center stuff. Like tyler be autism your center so i don't understand the whole logic bobby understand because it's f- in season so what they're doing is you guys are you. Do you know the purpose of preseason is for. This is the paul connor williams at center and see how he does is give him gametime situations where he is snapping the ball. I mean again. The kid hasn't they're trying to figure out who's backing up. Who who's going to be the to what position and they just. That's what coaching is man. I'm not mad. i'm not mad. The decision to put him at center to see what he's got. But now thinking okay this. This is clearly making decision for us like. He's not a good center. Saint stock went down at center at center. Yeah left guard day whilst I know be bad ass. Got into it with somebody. He was chirpin. I like it now that we have have another center That i saw the roster i can. I can't remember the guy's name too. But anyways i met. Yeah it's maybe. He played in that game after conor. Play the whole game has center. No be artist was in there for a little while too but anyways. So that's my first stock up who anybody. I mean stock down. Who's anybody else have anybody. That stock fell because rico dowdell. Yes okay yeah. He put the ball on. That was that was now that upset me. I know preseason bro but in preseason as a coach you need the set. That's different to not putting him back in. They should've tooken back in. That's different when you're fumbling is different. From getting a groove. I got but i don't think he should have been you know i. I told you guys that. I'm pretty big on hardy on. I think that You know going forward. They can't i. I was thinking of putting you know saying that they might cut running back. I don't think they will this time around. I do think dowdell hurt himself with that one fumble for sure. Okay brad. you got somebody stock.

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