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We have got some time here to kick back with Roman Harper as the hits keep coming on this top 40 radio station. Roman, I feel like I've spent the last two days with you up here in the world. We have spent a lot of time together. And you've heard a lot more than I have, because after a while, I do have to just go down to a local watering hole and have a few pops. But I'm a football side of it, which is certainly your specialty. What are you, what are you picking up? What are your vibes on the way this thing looks? Well, number one, as a former player that did SEC mere days. I want to look at all the player swag first. I want to see who's the best dressed. I want to see because that kind of is a way to kind of look into the personality of the player. I think South Carolina had a player earlier was very well dressed. He looked like he was from South Florida or he had the bright colors, so I'm like, that has to be a defensive back. Then, you know, we had some other guys, Mike Wright, for the Vanderbilt had a great we just saw had a great outfit on things like stop you here because I'm with you every weekend and nobody looks like you do. And of course nobody has your money, either. But that's too correct answers, Paul. These are young guys who I was about to say, they're just, they're hardworking. That has changed, it's no longer that. Let me back up in 2022. But what is the definition for us elderly people? Of swag. Swag is just like, man, it's an attitude. It's a personality. It's a person. It's like when somebody walks in, they just have this aura around them. It's the way they carry themselves the way they talk. Does the shoes match the drip, which is nothing but their clothing or what you have on. You know, a lot of young kids now, they don't even wear the socks. There's no signs. There's no socks. A lot of people that share with this desk don't wear that. Yeah, you know, they got to have the ankles out. Make sure your ankles are not ashy. So all these things matter. I look at all that. I judge it all when I'm looking at anybody's total swag and they're hold appearance. And also, when you look good, you feel good when you feel good, you play good. Like I believe I got that quote from Deion Sanders. And it is a 100% true. When I was a former player, I love to dress up nice. I love to have a chains. I love to have my glasses on inside the building. Just because you think you're cool, you know? And so it's all about how you carry yourself in the approach of going to the game and doing whatever it is. I mean, you're a guy that told me a story last fall that really got into a fight before a game. Over some ridiculously minor slight. So can you talk about when you walk out there and you see when you should have acted like he didn't know me then? That was his fault. He started that, Paul. You know that. Don't get me back. We'll pick that up again. And I had pads on at that point. When you guys are dressed up and then you see the other guys. The other team. What are you looking at? That guy's an 1000%. If I saw a guy, especially when I was playing, it was a couple of different things. All right, if I saw a running back with no gloves, you better watch out. This guy has reckless abandonment going downhill. Nobody wants to tackle that guy. No gloves, no wrist tape. I'm a little nervous about that guy. I'm like, that guy doesn't care about anything else. Now, when I saw guys with like a little bit of swag like his tapes and he was looking too pretty, I'm like, I'm not really worried about him too. He's too much about his parents appearance. So he's not really worried about the game. His mom's one other thing. It's amazing that we put all these thoughts into the things that don't even matter. You're yelling at somebody else worried about their appearances. I mean, yeah, I mean, you gotta, I mean, I'm back home. Look at that inside. You see the guts on that thing, Paul? Look at that. You know, it's all about the little things fall. You know, I'm back home from me back in the south. I got to look like I just got fresh out the pulpit this morning. That was my look over I was going with it. Well, I mean, I like it because I had a mother when I was a growing, I mean, she dressed me in flashy stuff. And I finally got away from it. Because I got to a point where I was so disliked. I did not want to call attention to myself. Correct. So by being generic, you were not walking in anywhere. So Paul, I was the opposite because I didn't get a lot of attention, you know, I had an older brother who commanded all this attention. He was the big ballplayer and needed this that and other. I was, I needed to do something to stand out. So what's one thing I can control? Also playing defense my whole life. I need to do something to stand out because everybody pays attention to the ball. I don't have the ball. So what can I do? I can dress a little bit flashier. I can rock my socks just a little bit differently than everybody else. Be like, who is that guy with this kind of those are the little things that you try and do as a defensive player to try and stand out? And of course, I carried on to the next level. Not only is it my hair gray, my beard's great, but my suit game is nice. When you were playing college players weren't being paid, excuse me. College players weren't able to get a little spending money. It's the correct step. My question is this. I've been around a lot of Alabama pre games. I didn't see what they're wearing here today. The suits are very nice. Now, there are certain suit guys and things of that nature in Tuscaloosa who are willing to give you certain looks and different things for a couple, you know, hold on. In the community? Possibly so if you want to get it's people that have nice suits. Back in the day, I mean all these guys have been around. You were locked on. You could walk into a nice place. These custom guys have been around for a long time. Now, the suits are cut differently. So now they look a little bit nicer. They look like they fit a little bit better instead of the rack. What were you paying for these suits? Or were you paying at all? Nepal, we don't have to talk about the details. That's all in the agreement. What is agreed upon? It is a fact. I can not talk about probation after you were there. I don't know the exact agreement to what everybody agreed to, but you know. Is it still in existence for when Roman played it out of that? We're checking right now. Well, you know, Paul, the funny thing is, is that Alabama guy in trouble, even when Nick Saban got there for some things that happened when I was on campus. And so because of that, I technically never won a game when I was at Alabama. They took away those four wins just so they wouldn't affect Nick Saban and what he was doing. So it is what it is. I lost four years of wins and it's fine. My suits were nice then too. I'm not leaving here until we get an answer. We'll take a short break. We're coming right back. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. Swagger

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