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Number's eight hundred two two two five two two two. So we have a story where Kevin Hart was telling the world that to host the Oscars was green a dream. Come true. And then all of a sudden some old tweets came up. He was asked to sort of set the record straight and apologised for them. He said, no that's too far. And he dropped out. That's what I need to speak to our friend, jasmine mechanic, social critic. Who helped me understand what's going on here? Jasmine, what's up. Hi, Laren Hijazi doesn't. This is more of the same. And you know, let me give my disclaimer for your listeners. I both black animal full of lesbian. Feelings about you. Yeah. You're the perfect person. To her. If you ever worry that you're not getting somebody's point of view jasmine can provide it. So I appreciate that try to help people out here. So I think the the white gay community is dead wrong on this. This is something that they only do the food that they always call a lot of black folks. Other people of color who happen to be a part of the LGBT community get very frustrated when that happened we kind of. They're very selective about the folks that they choose to go out there. And at the same time, there's a little bit of inconsistency confused messaging people to grow and you want people to learn from their mistakes or you don't he vilifying people for the same thing over and over and over again and still at the same time. Call yourself allies. Progressive because it doesn't work that way. People wanna take they wanna pick and choose, you know, at one time Hillary Clinton at one time, I can go down the list of people who have not been necessarily dot supportive of gay marriage, or or whatever other issues the white h movie themed, you'll never want issue for them at the time. But some folks get passes, right? Some let's get nothing. They get their allowed to move on fees tweet, and let us beat a lesson for younger people, maybe some older people. You know, Cathy, what you tweet it will come back to haunt you one day, but it's people who follow Kevin Hart. No that he makes jokes about a lobby. I folks trying to come after him for making the searching comments about black women or using the N word in his pieces even for cheating on his. Right. Okay. You know? But this issue around some jokes that he made in two thousand and I guess my two thousand eleven is coming to light things that he has already addressed believe me up in the entertainment world being openly almost bake that really not today in two thousand eighteen things that he's already he's already addressed. And I got to believe that the people who chose to be the host of the Oscars, we're fully aware of MS of his routine. You know, this happened right after I don't know if you guys talked about this visit happened right after I guess this whole big flap around the song baby it's cold outside. Right. Thinking to myself again in the same context, where's the consistency? Or because we just nominated a whole bunch of songs for Grammy's that call women all kinds of, sir. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Radio. I don't think people calling radio to those artists. So I need just Americans in general. We're very all over the place with it. And we want to pick and choose what we wanna do. But at the end of the day, I need to know as a person in this country of I make a mistake, and I owned up to my mistake. Wow. On with my life. And I'm going to be allowed to have a career. And it doesn't seem like that. When it comes to the white gay community. Absolutely. The I don't even know if it's the white gay community. I'm not sure what it is idea that comic may have changed the point of view comics, give popular for a variety of different reasons. But when they're starting out some of them have to really think outside the box, you get attention and say jokes that are controversial in that ride the line, and yes, if you want to make it as a mainstream comic, then you definitely have to clean up your act, but the idea that someone can't change that their feelings can't evolve. When as you mentioned politicians somehow get a pass on it is is so close minded to me. It's the opposite of tolerance. But. What they claim to be more a. Right. So it's exactly the point some some from in your logic. Jasmine, we're talk to jazz mechanic, oh, by the way, you can follow her at at jasmine J S M Y and their desire is not to improve social Justice, their desires to act out aggression and envy, because that's all I against certain people always comes out with black people. Right. Because again, the majority of the people who are screaming and hollering about Kevin Hart aren't Kevin Hart bench because if they were Kevin Hart bats, and they had followed Kevin Hart's career would have known about this previously. What you had with international who went back and dug through all of this that all of these EBay of tweeted or posted on social media decided to make a big deal about it. Typical American fashion. Everybody jumped on the tray. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's like you could back in the Michael ball in my position on immigration and other issues that people would consider would consider how bundled either consider me on the right side of the walk side issue. But the stock relating that my tweets from years ago don't necessarily reflect my opinion today in two thousand eighteen should I still be vilified because of that should not be able to have a career a dear friend of mine, I say, a Washington went through this. And I went through with them when he graded out of me. Full off of that show. It is. After that. A long time to rebuild this. I've watched it happened to my friends and other people over and over when it comes to the gay community and acting out their aggression. It's always white gay, folks. And this is fresh it is always targeted towards black people who they claim to be allies up. Allies people like me who are blocking the middle looking at the white. Like, I say why gay because if you think of glad HR all the organizations beat organizations that are primarily run by white men and women. Okay. Where Jay has always been the number one issue. They have never really cared about issues that relate to people of color were also LGBT. Okay. So, you know, I'm caught in the middle because I'm like, you know, I get how homophobe has affected my brothers and sisters it'll black community. But I also understand that if we want to work with our black preachers and pastors politicians and people like Kevin Hart. Some understanding that what people row, and they learn from their mistakes that we allow Bill to do that we're talking to jazz mechanic, our number's eight hundred two two two five two two two to respond. Jasmine, I'm still a little unclear about why he stepped down if it's something that he is apologize for thousand times. Like, you said why not just a thousand and one? Why did he draw the line here? Is there something more onerous coming his way? I think I say, you know, what? Kowtowing? He's not bowing down the folks, he sterling as ground, and I can totally stand his ground is what he's already admitted his opinions Garang back then. So he's ground by saying, I'm not going to give you what you want. Which is another apology. I've already done this over and over again, I'm not gonna do it again. And for someone who's dream was the host the Oscars really big deal. And if it is, but if it leads me to believe that there's something else going on here as Dr gray said because who does that really hurt? It doesn't hurt the Oscars. They'll find another host, it just seems like if you've already admitted that this was wrong. It's not like he's not he's standing up for his comedy back in the day. He's saying, yeah, I had some that were wrong. They've already apologize. No. He is standing for himself. I think he's also steady after the people he represents as well. Who are largely supported we hear a lot about the backlash. But we're not we're not hearing about the people who made the people who made Kevin Hart were the the men and women of the Oscars work, the men and women of HR. It was the community. It was black folks. Remember, he's a black comedian. He got his start being a comedian and a lot of black sales. And then a lot of black comedy comedy clubs around the country. And so, you know, I respect his decision to not apologize. I wish that more people would do that. Because usually what we see is. There's uproar somebody writes, a check to one of the big three white gay, mafia organizations. Happy to see that that routine has been changed for that someone holding their ground. And all that what what are you going to say Sam, homophobic? So jasmine hold on. Let's get some calls in here. People are reacting. Let's go over what do you say? I think Kevin Hart. First mistake was to accept it. I think and I disagree with it. With the lady, I think Kevin Hart made Kevin Hart, not the black community. Not the way community. Not anyone else. That'd be Kevin Hart worked like a dog. And he got to where it is because of himself. But wh why why did you make a mistake to accept the job? I don't get that doesn't. He doesn't need the Oscars. The Oscars need him the Oscars suck the Oscar. Sexist bunch of people. Why why is there a best male and female category? And to your point. I mean, maybe, but but maybe Opie maybe and jasmine meek baby you address this. I mean, like you're saying we want things to change bringing somebody like Kevin Hart in maybe move things towards change. Well, I have to definitely agree with your caller, the Oscars. Do suck. And. Having a Kevin Hart would have definitely made it a lot more interesting. But again, there are very few people that you're gonna fight especially comedians who have not made colorful remarks somewhere in Germany to start. What I said I thought my God. If you give Kevin Hart is not scrubbed clean enough. Who who is? I mean, how are we going to get somebody in there? You're gonna it's gonna be like a journalist or something. That's gonna be weird. Right. It's I I don't know how this. I mean, it's not like they're. Are running for president. Being entertainer. And I think it's a controversial entertainer. And makes it all the more interesting to actually watch. They always go back to Ellen because she's never cursed Wanda Sykes or something right because she gets a lot of boxing. Can come back. We'll come back Gabriel. What are you say? Hey, so he's a comedian. Right. And I love I love Kevin Hart, funniest guy in the world. But he makes a huge part of his of his act for example about bracket. So so he talks about his uncle crackhead back in the day. Do we stop making a joke about that? It's not. It is I think people in general need to stop and realize what we laugh about may not exactly be PC are really feel or how we feel. I should say we can stop in backup in in in. You know, laugh at somebody makes a joke about, you know, the chicken crossing the road do the chicken farmers from. You know in in any of the vegan vegan vegan Scarborough. I will take you one further. I'm sure that there are some black crackheads..

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