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Zero to joseph in texas hi josephine ground zero and i was listening to you and you keep talking about the post truth era go back wouldn't they go back to william randolph person spanishamerican learn there i'm not i'm not defending we'll know if you're talking about how if you're talking about hearst basically used his newspaper and his and his media abilities to to skew the truth and i would say yeah we have a we have a moment in time in history or william randolph hearst was one of the biggest liars who had the power to lie in the ability to lie and the freedom to lie and to this day we're still suffering from his lies i will i do agree with the hollywood but to assert to a great extent that it's been going on for generations hollywood hollywood is more powerful now with young people than you and i can even go back in history and talk about william randolph hearst because we know how media can manipulate but hollywood now as i said before hollywood's a good teacher now because books have lost history has lost so history is down soundbite as kato kaylin said it sound bite and it's line after lying sign sound bite of what they want you to see not what the reality is although one of the advantages of the current generation is with us remember meeting the wrong about this we're in the same age group is the john wayne's the alamo is less history plan accurate them the ones that came out most recently and it's been going on the hollywood using propaganda to sell world war two and the vietnam it's going on for a long time right the advantage of the current generation the millennial have is they have the internet that when we were kids so i sent him you remember weekly reader and that was pretty much here they'll do the three networks the internet give them what what does the internet giving them i mean they can go back and they can actually get manipulated by a commentary on a film and see that's the thing is that once again we go back to the.

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