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What you have. And i thought it was a great call on his part really was about to say about that ruinous. Because i think that's what you'd catch captured there is again. It just have thought sorta about as she say because of the sound and obviously that sort of yet but it's the fact that it was almost like a demo to start wave from your perspective and suddenly it's captured it does have the in that that ruinous. But she's lovely you it happens. I mean making an album is a book for me is about capturing a moment. you're capturing where you are about moment in time where your head's how you're feeling you know how you play that day. That's important but for me. That's why i can never get too too anal on okay. Well you know we need to do five hundred takes song. you know. Spent three weeks just getting the drum signed right and i work like that. It's capturing way route time and if you capture something special. What's the point trying to recreate it. You know what. I mean if you go. What's the point of view already got it. It's done with the envoy antony. Yeah absolutely and sometimes it's not better to give it three or four times is it because it's you know the is about that moment in time. Isn't it that you can't beat up yet wonderful. And i'm looking down here. The different kinds of songs i mean. I've i've listened to the entire album really despite you on that journey. You've got everything in there that you would expect from ricky warwick. It's there you've known you hard rock and bitch give some pigs staff you've got but you've got the ballots and is upstate netflix. It takes a wonderful journey seeming that. That's what you intended to do. Ricky am yeah. It's writing songs. It's writing a song and then going through the and seeing what you've written and and really this not i mean it sounds like a lot of thought went into a does but there's no conscious thing of like okay written hard rock so i'm not gonna write a slow one you know it's there's none of that. It's whatever i write that day. Or when i feel what i've written i'll go back and go you know the those kind of work together or so. There's not really it's not. It's not that planned as just you know. I write every right every day. So i've always got a bunch of songs on the go and it's really just sitting down this time. It was sitting down with keith nelson. Okay ideas where we go. What songs are making us excited. What songs to be. We want to work on. You wanna finish and it was picking picking the eleven from from this sort of this. That we had.

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