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You. I believe you when you say that. Poor first item up forbids is that you were up for the role of joey gladstone in full house. That went to dave cooley. As that you were false false. That is false. There's no there's not even a germ of truth to something like that. Not even a jerem dave cooley. He's back in detroit. He's got a house in detroit now. We're we're good friends and we could pass for nunnelee brothers twins okay. Speaking of passing for brothers the movie dumb and dumber. The studio did not want you for but jim carey did so. They low balled. You an offer thinking you would say no but you took. Is that true or false true. What did you like about that movie what you need you jim. Jim moret h. He had ace venture had been out. big hit and he had shot mask and it hasn't been released yet when we started shooting so i wanted to. I wanted to go into comedy. I've been doing drama and i was. It was spinning my wheels. And and so. I i said let me do the i. What up to la and chase him jobs and dumb and dumber. One of them auditioned and went back for callback. Read with jim and jim in the early brothers wanted me in the studio wanted. You know a comedian. Basically and so. They gave me the first week to shoot and where we shot a lot of my stuff. The snowball and the tongue on the poll is us inside. Ski lodge. You know you know. Harry done scenes and They cut them together on the end of the first week and they liked what they saw and i got to stay and is it true that your representation thought you were nuts for wanting to do that as well. That's another. They thought it was a huge mistake. And we're not we're gonna. It was an intervention the night before to fly out to l. a. Too dumb and dumber. We're going to stop this. This is not who you are. You're a serious actor and this will ruin your career. And i i hate to tell you but he's going to act you off the screen. So i you know Acid thanks for the support to He's not in. He's not in the snowball in the head seen. He's not on the tongue in the poll scene and he's not in the toilet seen so other all my so unless they cut those out of the movie i'm going to score and then the next trick. I already plan was to let jim lead. You know jim is going to be jim. You want him to be jim. You want all of that. So don't compete with that. Be the puppy on the leash. Let him jerk the leash and that put me on a half second delay which allowed me to play an iq of eight. Because jim as he would go. Harry and i know what you know. It's just like you're on a half second because you're just you know your brain doesn't work that twenty calls your name so that then we were in. We were gold and gyms a fringe and his day. I love the guy so to this day to this very day. Jim carey's a friend of yours. I love that last couple of weeks. I've been in communication. Yes that's great all right. I've got a couple more for you here. You did not think speed would be successful during filming but once you saw the final cut. You're you're in on on speed thinking that this was going to work out that film. You know yes yes. Short probably true. Yes what was what was done. I mean shoot. We all know about terms of endearment with nicholson. What was dennis hopper like. Were you around him. We weren't very nice picking up a check As i was and and kiono to sandra bullock and a bus in your back at headquarters going what's going on you know it's not. This is not a career. Move this. I need a job move and the first the script they it was. I need a job and they said well. There's this movie called speed and they sent me. The script died on page twenty two in the elevator shaft. I didn't even get out of the elevator shaft. And i said look the caribbean trouble. But it's not that much trouble pass and they go over. hang on. there's a new draft coming and you die later. So that's yeah okay. Page eighty eight and then you know go into the house in house blows up well right outside. Our studio is the one. Oh five freeway. And i think about speed every single time. I leave the rich studio on the freeway open. Wasn't that freeway. That wasn't i don't even think that freeway was opened yet. That was the first ever usage of the one zero five true that was probably just before it opened and was empty and we can't drive the bus on it. Yeah last one for you playing keith. Olbermann as the role of will mcevoy In the great show Newsroom yes true or false. No neck faults key thinks that he actually told me we were at stephen cole. Bear's final show on comedy central. And there's keith. Olbermann comes up to me goes. You're playing me aren't you. I said keith. God bless you. But no no i mean maybe sorkin used you. I don't know we never talked about it. He never said by the way you're doing keys. I know it was never brought up if anything i did. A couple of brian williams moves which ryan hasn't thing. He puts the elbow down and his other arm goes straight out depending. That was my one thing. Everything else was made up. It was news to me. The keith was so attached to it. I gotta be honest with you. I i work with keith. For for many a moon back in my sports days you it did seem on occasion like there were some. Ko moments on that front but now that you mentioned the anchor. Leanne of brian williams. I mean that is like a geographic perfect sort of right triangle that he created his body and the rest of his issues eleven. Paint it jeff. Daniels i really appreciate the time going down memory lane talking about american rust again this sunday sunday. September twelve ten pm eastern time on showtime. Good luck to the honolulu blue. The old english st with tigers looks to be On a nice upward trend. Actually best of luck on all of that. Thanks rich always a pleasure. Bright back at you. That's jeff daniels right here on the rich eisen show. How fun was that celebrity true or false an intervention do not take the job of dumb and dumber. He's like judy. You'll be acted off the screen. Well he's not in the bathroom so he's not in the toilets. Oh love it okay. So here's what we've got left. What we've got left is we gotta predict the nfc south which i assume will be fast. All right you guys have to give your super bowl predictions right. I wanna take a couple of phone calls. And i want to leave with a thought about tb twelve because what we're going to see tonight is something we'll we'll never see again. No never see this again. And that's how we're going to wrap up this kickoff addition the rich eisen show. We are back right here on peacock in this rich. Eisen show radio station..

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