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Gotta do that. We can look at all their scores and other games if we take care of our stuff. And I think we're going to have a good chance there. The brunt. Brendan pearly any six goals in the last five games. You know, here's a guy that's in and out of the lineup. He's a great guy. I know you guys all like him inside the locker room. How fun was it for you guys to see that last goal going? I know it's a six to one game. And you're not really kinda rubbing it in. But to have Pollini out there on the ice and be able to finish off the game with the hat trick. That's got to be a special feeling inside the locker room for him. And for you guys who are cheering for them to do. Well, yeah, we were all happy on the bench there and seeing his smile and. Yeah, he's he's he was working for that hatrick. He had some chances earlier in the thirty-two and getting it. With three seconds left. It's pretty special. I the whole the whole bench got excited there. So and yeah, like, you said great guy. Great teammates had really happy for him. And his confidence has to be off the charts compared to probably what it was even even a couple of weeks ago last one from me here. Hey, Johnny Oduya in the house tonight. Is he your guests are Johnston's guest, or what did, you know? He was here. Yeah. Yeah. I guess. Jose caucus guests. But yeah, I know I know he was here we saw yesterday. And yes, nNcholas to yesterday something that was nice to get back together. With those guys. How crazy was it in this game? When you look at how many players had switched places from one organization to the other. And you still didn't have Nick schmaltz. You still didn't have Rhonda in the net and yet seven or eight players playing in this game that at the beginning of the season where with different organizations or a year ago. Yeah. I mean, I think yeah. A lot of guys had some some money on the board. Excited pretty game today. So yeah, you could definitely in our locker room and sharing there's too. So. Yeah. There was nice especially nice for a few of us to to win the game. A lot of money on the board for Brennan after a performance tonight. So thanks for doing this. We really really appreciate congratulations on the win for being guest on the post game show. You'll get a gift card to Joe seafood, prime steak and stone crab a favorite before. And after being Markus. Thanks in 'grats, Marcus cougar joining us here after the Blackhawks defeat the Arizona coyotes by a final score of seven to one toilets wrap this up. Let's see pre-game you had Dylan Strom as your jets pizza man to deliver. You just had the wrong, Cody. That's all I had Marquette Bank. The guy was baking on Johnny Johnny with the penalty shot goal and an assist as well. Who do you have for your play with the most heart? Boy, I mean, this one is a tough one because you could really pick anybody. I could throw my number down. And just look at all these guys who did it just phenom-. Title job. I'm gonna go with dalstrom in this one for the fact that at the beginning of the game he turned puck over there, not really his fault. But it hit the referee and gave the the coyotes a one nothing lead. What did he do? He just turned around and played over twenty minutes was plus four and this one. So that just means he was involved in a lot of the equation. Even though he didn't get a point. I thought that he responded really well didn't let that bother them. And the team didn't let it bother me as well. So tonight's player with the most heart is called dalstrom the player at the most hardest sponsored by mercy hospital, cardiovascular services, good deal, thanks for sticking around a little longer and visited with Marcus with us. And we got a couple of tough original Sixers coming up on the road. We'll talk to you Wednesday from Toronto good job. Chris look forward to likewise, Troy is the Blackhawks defeat the nights seven one time for another break. We got some post game reaction coming your way next is Curtis. Coke has just returned from press conference Ville, and the Blackhawks happy room will have some of that coming your way next on seven twenty WGN. Hey, Blackhawk fans your local. Chevy dealer has a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Take your best shot to win the two thousand nineteen Chicago Blackhawks custom Camaro convertible. It's a one of a kind performance machine with custom Blackhawks leather interior and a hidden one goal skyline on the exterior.

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