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Willy wonka basketball basketball related almost anything with jimmy butler this for various various mediafriendly i like the nick young around three air that's a great one and then kemba walker one's not as good because because it came second put yet yeah nick young differently and i like the james harden sliding out of the frame yeah that's a good one uh i like the chris bosh pop up during the everything clicked that's a really good one year i liked i mean it's it's been a minute since it's been around but pop running down the hall as good as those oil oh true it's a very good while not that's been around jazz twitter for a while it it was i think is quin snyder spur season or there won't just a crazy no that wake up that's a yeah that is crazy agree one but he's just like he's doing like a signal with his hands and he ends up with them out to the side freeze frames it and the deal with it glasses come down on his face or that's gotta run early also the boyfriend from in cedar win leaning in chicken and said no i love that one at at the the end end on i can't see that one enough did you know he's in gilmore girls no i going to strain watching that again votes to any even saw them sat oh no oh no maybe a few euros not kind to have no.

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