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My the question is that if if it is a robbery Cuba choice and Akiva fixing episode that rob doesn't want to do then via the absolutely okay yeah all right then we have the Mount Rushmore. We're going to name what should be on the Mount Rushmore of things than we have. Millennial judge not not Sally Splash. You're not the Rose Robin Akiva. Is that still is that out there is they were supposed to take that off last week in the waiting room okay so I've taken it off the wheel please okay. So when will it be ready. I only know it's ready. I don't know I need I need time to that needs to be put together. That can't be done in six days is Tara. Do you want to be on the dais for the roast of Robin Akiva where I get to roast you yeah absolutely people might people might zing you also which are issued podcast. There would be the best roaster Taryn. Who Do you think the best roaster man I mean obviously I think leader would be great at it on one since she wants to know? She said she she's up for. I mean alley lascher written her roasts already yeah the Terron said one thing to her on the podcast last week. She ran right for his jugular. Our really deadly deadly okay then we have a better attends hands Taryn. That's where a Cuban. I have to go out and see the worst movie based on the rotten tomatoes score at the box office each week there an update on what the new better attend movie is. I think it's still the John Travolta directed for the next few weeks but that infers that we can watch that from home because it's on Vod we have a hot takeoff. with Liana Boris we have people's choice where we'll spend the wheel three more times and then let twitter vote this weekend. Robin Akiva has been satisfied Jordan. Would you like to see this this weekend. Rob mckeever go to these sequel mechanism not for a very long time. I do not have enough time to write fifty three more or do you want to give Taryn. One of the unused mused questions for a podcast that he's never listened to ready I-i Seinfeld fan okay so let let me go to okay. This is from the the Chinese restaurant Taryn. What movie is Rob surprised to hear that Kiva has seen is a planet nine from Outer Space Space? Be The Godfather See shawshank redemption or d nine hundred eighty nine. Batman surprised that he has seen it that he has seen yes go with atman okay. I'll play a clip number thirty two okay clip number thirty see appropriately clip number thirty two Berkey. Jerry has lied to his uncle. He said that he's sick so he can get out to go see plan nine from outer space. Which is the worst movie the ever made supposedly key by now? You must have seen plan nine from outer space. I actually have seen it. Oh you have no okay yes the question. I haven't seen Jordan yeah who cut these questions. This was a I always like must be plan nine from outer space ace because I would be really surprised if we saw that movie supposedly and why would I've seen the godfather but like who would be surprised that it's the middle to definitely not it doesn't make sense. Joyously haven't seen hours today that was not to be questioned. Should I didn't come out with that. One yeah blame somebody say who it was. I won't say you know what I think. Parents should do so basically the the issue is that you don't know he couldn't preplanned this this game because it's contingent on which we could falls out because if this show happened that November fifth he'd have to questions that of podcast that Robin record the the last six years November fifth what if we made Jordan to get this back in the sequel mechanism he asked the he has to cut in fifty two weeks of shows and then whenever it comes up on the wheel L. Yes ready because he hasn't. I was used hand. It couldn't go on the sequel mechanism because we just did all the questions but it would just be whatever we comes up. He has to go back museums up. Do do this million. Everybody wants that. I I don't know that could be another pole for the polar no unless like because my job. I don't know if that's if that's even able to happen what the hard about helping you podcast if I knew in three days and say Jordan the demand is too great. We need to do it next week guarantee. You'll have it done for us a guarantee if I I like to please the listeners if the listeners wanted I would do it but I mean it's too soon. It's too soon we just did it. He uh he thought he could get out but they pulled them. Yeah okay then that's from the movie that Akiva hasn't seen the godfather that's from plan nine from okay question. That's insane that they couldn't listen to the last second the next two seconds all right then we have a third wheel people are going to the third wheel four Rob Nikita podcast Cameo cast-iron. That's when keep it. I will have a budget of fifty dollars to spend buying each other cameos and then we'll play them on the podcast and also also maybe listeners will buy US cameos that will play all in one episode we have the newly added game night now eligible for next week and TLC shows those are trash okay so let's go ahead and launch the wheel George. What do you hope comes up? I mean we've been hearing about the millennial judge for a long time. We've been manifesting alley last year in this podcast so much I think that's GonNa. I think that's going to be that okay. The wheel is the wheel does what we talk about about a lot so the wheel the wheel is listening or maybe it's just the Internet but that's what happens. Okay I have the wheel open. Taryn can can vouch for no funny business in this going on the first legitimate wheelspin since Minnesota. Yes Okay Tara. I'll give you the honor if you want to announce what what comes up on the wheel and release mmkay all right. It'll it'll say on a like when it finishes spinning. It'll pop up on the bottom of the screen. What it says okay you one better attend? Okay okay so that is the worst movie. That's out at the box office but what I wanted that's all I wanNA watch that with her. It is the fanatic directed by Fred. Durst you Olympics scaife Taryn. You're a little young probably won't be Olympics. Get Baby I baby I was I was never like a big fan but I was secretly in shamefully a little bit enjoying them okay. I think we all were in John Travolta Travolta Guy. He's a star of this film. I mean masters intimate John Travolta obviously and everyone's sisters crush when they were my age Devon Sal I think is in this movie to Devon Sowell's survivor no devin but you don't remember. It wasn't me like just a bad joke. I know I got it but I like. I'm shocked that people don't know Devon Saola Ansel Al Gore Tarintino Ansel elgort is that was another sense question and so elegant is man. I know the name is it's not like I'm your host. Leader is gonNA cancel so you. If you don't know how gorgeous yeah the Devon style wine ansel elgort. I have a real you know. I don't know okay Attaran watching the live feeds all summer. He doesn't have time for an awkward and catch up on the movies soon okay. He's just an actor all right. Oh He's the guy from baby driver. Okay yeah baby driver right. Believe Yeah Okay all right. So what's the movie the fanatic the fanatic so it's essentially the crappy movie diaper just was on its own happy about this. This is it came up up like two or three weeks ago and then we ended up re spinning so well it wasn't it wasn't around yet right we couldn't we didn't have time to go to the movies veto no rob. We haven't used the veto very very doable. We'd have to figure out like a like a gas or or anything like that. No okay so the nation Yeah Devon South was founded this nation. I believe he was Casper. The friendly ghost he was the kid he you know Devon salary you just minos name care far more about fun of this nation than what Casper's all of what you're much younger than me. Casper was like a big deal. If you're like thirty three Casper there was a big deal when I was a child I D Casper van Your Casper Spooky Afoot the movie Jordan Yeah. I like the movie when I was a kid. We put that in the crappy movie diaper happy movies. I know it's a great movie. It's too good yeah you can put that in there for the friendly Goethe I mean it's a sad story Casper yeah but Casper in my girl does he is. He like Christina reach. He's buddy and my girl making things up now. I don't know timers lender. Is it for you now four fifty eight. I'm having fun for two more hours here I have to I have to watch my size. Babysit before people are GonNa be mad at me. You don't pay at least even though he didn't say that five times forty five yeah no it's fine yeah yes fine the night where the vibes casper her was. You're jammed Jordan. Yes in one thousand nine hundred five probably when you orborne now seven I was born nineteen ninety. Yeah Okay Okay Ben Stein. That was another game for the guessing celebrities ages. What do you think about that game? I like it Gessler Jason Bateman for the for the game night yeah okay good as standalone standalone podcast but for all all again ten minute games that's that's good. I don't know this Jason Bateman Taryn he's forty seven. I don't know the answer. I was just asking yeah okay. I think that's a pretty sound guess yeah I guess fifty one. He's fifty okay see that was closer there. You wear one over though I don't know. Are we doing over role. So are we doing family feud. That's up for that. The family feuds side spices right. It's late. It's Tokyo in that same mistake on a podcast before okay all right Jordan Kayla where people listen to you every single week listen on this survivor on on rob has podcast. I think most of you know where to find that and that's about fifty fifty okay this week in survivor history. It's GonNa be looked for it. It's going to be right after the wiggle room this season. It's the what the show called survivor this. We can survivor history this season. I think it's calling me called the wiggle room. I did work on that. We have to work where we're still working on. What is going to be is it still the shack done working on it? Okay so beyond beyond the lookout for that okay and then of course Jordan is on twitter as well. He is at Jordan fake survivor seasons coming up. No not not scheduled but it could happen. I always find out like in the next week noted them especially if we've already given them playing them. It's fun. It's one thing to play them. it's another thing to look camera guy. We're playing playing them as a lot more fun. I've I've played more than I've done production season on this podcast cast have we do heels no but like with sixteen people and then we just have one night survivor game. It'd be a good idea for repacked. Maybe at the you know the next Robin Kiva Live. Maybe idea alive survivor going. It's gotta be like it's like an hour our I mean we we did. We need it around the table. big brother game at one of the last know-it-alls you just have a bunch of people sitting around able unhanged the game of survivor in front of each other. okay have like votes every couple of minutes okay. That sounds like fun. I it's actually would not be a bad all right so Jordan's onboard on-board all right Taryn. Where can people find you whether you're going to be doing a vanilla yogurt taste test? Yes you can find the yogurts..

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