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Jessica chastain lupita yongbo penelope cruz myanco yard and fan bing bing but that's not a movie that's gonna be coming out anytime soon and so were there acquisitions made by distributors who might put something into this year's awards race and also just talk a little more about that absence of netflix they were absent from the lineup they were present as potential buyers but they didn't buy very much right right now can't always been a big market for what we call pre sales you kinda come and announce a movie that hasn't been made yet was interesting this year is that the big presell movie was film about five women spies we're not going to say at anytime soon there's no script for each yet but in the past that sort of presell hullaballoo would about a movie like the expendable with semester stallone parading core set so this year did reflect the changing times and and maybe it's not the worst thing to have fewer of the golan globus type stuff that used to dominate can but chris let's go to another movie that caused splash there this year what the hell is going on with lars von trier this guy was banned from can for the last seven years after making i think pro hitler related comments at the festival back then now he got out of jail and they he premiered his new film the house that jack built this is a guy who's got great talent i thought dogville was one of the great movies i've seen in recent years but he also just seems the feel a need to try to shock people in this case there were a lot of walkouts right that's true yeah i'm glad you mentioned dogville is one of my favorite movies of all time as well and everyone was wondering will lars venture show up and and you know in the days leading up we still didn't know because he's also famous for not flying so he has to drive and so you know we had we have been tracking that pretty closely and then all of a sudden you know the red carpet opens for his movie and and there he is and there was a huge.

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