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Forty four mitch anthony higher on the mitch albom show see michio understand we'll catch you on the flip side means because you wanted him job turkey impre up there out there i don't know what's going on yeah drop a down why you say that right out of stop cooling yeah jive turkey there had to be an actual date at which you were not allowed to say jive turkey of the players put the regular grip me if i'm wrong like seventy two seventy three hours was going to say john turkey that whole turkey turkey that was like seventy three seventy four you can't even turkey now the next one you got an image i gotta i gotta stop chip in my cool aono after psych different brickhouse rake house is that still use seventy nine i remember there used to be brickhouse contests that clubs in the camp where women would come out and you put it out you had to pick this brick house that was yeah that'll fly metalwork how do you lose your license and forty five minutes brickhouse brickhouse men and like a thick lady killer body she's mighty mighty just let it all hang out yeah brickhouse or there was some like built like a brick free powell that too well that's what i was on i was once down right now eight seven seven forty four minutes other expressions that you just can't stand and we need to get rid of becky higher in the mitch albom show hi how are you guys doing good it's cool beans.

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