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Saint Christopher fun cat scale Freightliner trucks and Detroit we applaud the individual truckers and fleets who drive with care and keep our highways safe the red eye radio million mile club devoted to trucking safety register online at red eye radio show dot com professional drivers your favorite magazines are now on stands and ready for you to read cover to cover truckers connection offers great jobs entertainment and industry news each month job opportunities for owner operators is easy to spot with a hot right on the cover and the best career options for truck owners inside find truckers connection and job opportunities free at Petro travel centers of America will close and other truck stops nationwide truckers connection and job opportunities for owner operators we're searching for greener grass just got easier all new WABC radio dot com and there's seventy seven WABC logon download more radio seventy seven WABC happy holidays phone lines are open one eight six six nine zero seven thirty three thirty dollars eight six six ninety right now for Gerry McNamara and every Carly Rick Roberts and thank you so much I appreciate that greatly if you're looking for a list service stations so you can hear red eye radio on or plug canister listen live the full five hour show you can do that on the red eye radio hampering the listen live button at red eye radio show dot com and as I said it's always a pleasure to be in for a jury in Eric when they're away normally you will find me during the day the afternoon drive from two to five central at new stalky twenty W. B. A. P. out of Dallas all right I.

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