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Dogs alotau so i'm gonna take the redskins in this rarely josh norman's expected to be back that's going to make a difference they have a really good front the defence a front for the redskins the ability to slow down that running game and bringing josh norman back into the fold who traditionally shuts does bryant down now to be fair last year does bryant against washington week to over a hundred yards and then they he played them again in a week eleven or so it and he was five for seventy two now it's not our game so do not be scared to start dez bryant i i i have some concern for josh norman you know bring in the numbers down for does but you have a similar situation as a seattle still play where you're starting to under happens you're starting does brian the both in the top five and targets the the thing i'm interested in is pretty much everybody in this game in the sense that it's a fifty point over under your starting dak he's been on fire from a point per game perspective is one of the best in the league you're not sitting zeq cannot sitting dez uh i i love jason whitten washing he can't cover the tide in that's the opportunity there so those four players your are in what's your confidence level jason mike on rob kelly this week second week back from the injury hopefully a game flow that's more conducive to his usage but do we like rob kelly i like rob kelly i i think that he's going at you know he's going up against a lesser of the middle of the pack rushing defense dallas does not scare me with their rush defense there at home and what what you saw last week from rob kelly in his first week back against the best run defense in the league was a poor performance so i think a lot of people are going to bench rob kelly this week.

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