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Gary and shannon kfi am 640 more stimulating talk hey coming up and about half an hour delays sharp the house whisperer joins us the topic of the day what to do in your house becomes incontinent or chronically constipation i have no idea what that means but that's would dean wants to talk about today and i can't wait to see where he's going to go with that because i mean what does that mean you have a deeprooted sense of adventure that i just don't share i mean i'm terrified owner elio means a means your house needs to maybe mix in some some baby kale fiber some adult spinach i don't know guy i and i what sometimes when deemed comes in i just feel like i the list of tasks i have gifts longer are you still working on that deck finishing touches i'll say that how long to those tape touches all well this exemption i went to the i went to the paint store yesterday and i got the what's going to be my top layer of for those of for this decks that matches the house yeah and i kid you not the guy walks in the back brings out out the gallon of pain and then he yells out this dooley a further bud like marcia what dili dearly and then he says it again delay daily i'm just here for a gallon of pain man i kinda like it i just need similar exterior flat in the kohler barn would gray going billy billy billy exists means delightful re is that what that means yeah the origins of dili are in a shortening of the word delightful or delicious possibly from the 1930's oh this predates the 1930s i don't know if you well commercial and nursery rhyme titled lavender's blue dates back to the cell seven t century and it uses dili dili as part of its cadence a most of its lines and then of course there was the burrel lives song or so dear to my heart and 1949 that also used dili dili and the bud light commercial there's one of british television comedy called dad's army which also makes reference to dili deli sorry no i'm sorry during the um during the worst of the.

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