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Good morning i'm stephanie. Deep from orange. California i recently awoke from my turkey coma in time to change the calendar where i was reminded that its world december giving drive so i beat the christmas rush and got my donation in before all their servers crashed because this is going to be their best year ever. You can join the fun by going to w. n. g. dot org slash donate and support journalism with a biblical worldview and help redeem the disaster. That has been one thousand twenty in the meantime. I hope you enjoy today's program much. That's just the kickoff. We need well good morning today. On culture friday we'll talk about securities regulators and transgender activism. And you know what on culture friday we will bring those two ideas together also today ask the editor plus meghan. Basham has a review of the netflix series. The queen's gambit strong person is the person who was scared to be all well to you need to figure out how to take care of yourself and the music of advent a it's friday december fourth. This is the world and everything in it from listener supported world radio. I'm mary rancor nick. Eicher good morning time now for the news. Here's kent covington. California.

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