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Rings that were bridal store because bridles fine. It's nice and it's really really meaningful. So what i did was. I called christine from the cultural group and we had a relationship from saint. John's i used to run the student union and she used to ma- be my liaison between the school in them so i called her and actually asked her if she'd be interested in doing something like this. You know big run and big race for rain and stuff and she was in so we We got a bunch of bridal vendors together throughout the years it evolved more and more into being something that people remembered people recognize casale race for the ring. Not only did we give away a big engagement ring to one lucky couple but you know we ran our comedy night in between it every year that netted over one hundred fifty thousand dollars over the past nine years to local charities on the island allowed for the couple to get together bring their friends and family. That friends and family met before the big race because someone's proposing at the end of race. That's what the that's what the race was. So you know some people actually ask for the head and marriage before right so comedy night and the meetings had a lot of fun with it a lot to ask but at the same time you know. We raise a lot of money for charity. Which is something. I always kind of try to do is think about community and everything that we do as far as promotions go so the race for the ring was that it was something that drove the community to see that with doing something fun. Give me money to charity and you know giving somebody engaging you know and and having us show that special moment with them so it was pretty cool very very cool so you be in a similar in in my business at least on the residential side you do get to share Some really intimate moments with your clients and your customers right..

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