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So we're going to do. What are you looking at and Emma? What are you looking at? I started a new book. I'm always starting books I didn't finish my last one. I just didn't get into it. I liked it at first and I want to watch. The movie. Didn't get into it anyway. What was it what was it? It was call me by your name. Oh you didn't like the book. I never saw the book or the movie so saw the book. Just move on from well you do look at it with Your Eyes. Saw The book. Yeah I don't know I mean I don't WanNa dicit or anything because I know some people have loved it so I don't want to say it's like that or anything. I don't think that I just didn't get into it. I don't know maybe I'm not high class enough but I I do like the general idea behind it and I'm definitely GonNa Watch the movie very excited to trae. Wants to watch it to some kind of waiting for him to watch it to anyway. I moved on the book. I'm reading now is called the husband's secret which is by Liane Moriarty. Good I looked. I looked it up okay. So here's the thing about this author. I love this author. She wrote big little lies if you saw that series or book but she has lots of books. I've read some for other books. I love her. I believe she's Australian so I was trying to look up how to pronounce her name properly. A lot of interviews. The people interviewing her were Australian and I was like. Is this how you say it? You know sometimes like British accents people sit. They literally pronounce it differently than Rier could would so I was like Oh. There's no way no for sure honestly so. I'm sorry if I butchered her name. She's an amazing author though. I love her books so I wanted to read another one and this one. I just picked up randomly at a thrift store. I was like oh one of her books here. Rad so reading it cool. That's what I'm looking at Okay so we're moving this week and I have been very stressed Like ten out of ten. It's not a good. It's not a pleasant time for me so what I'm trying to do is just like anything self care any kind of tree. Anything that I can do to feel like a little bit better. So what so? The only thing I've been reading quote unquote reading is like my inspiration books. So I'm going to link all of these in the show notes. A beautiful mess dot com back slash podcast. So I have this book. This Richard Avedon book. I've also just been feeling this. Draw towards photography again so at anyway. This is Richard is a famous photographer through the nineteen hundreds and he I think he I think he passed kind of recently anyway. He has beautiful iconic black and white photography. You will definitely recognize it if you saw. I really want one for my home. Like a is it like in print landscapes or no. It's portrait people mostly K Yeah like think. Like vogue from the nineteen sixties like cocaine And then I have this case bad book that I loved Luca and I have the Big Tim. Walker book from the olden days and some art books that I got Used Aba Georgia. O'keefe won a Picasso went so I've just been feeling really like I need to just fill my brain up with beautiful things and not think about anything. Siri it's also the week before it when we're recording this. It's the week before Super Tuesday and the corona virus bit ally and we're moving you know it's just been a lot. Thanks so much for tuning in this league. If you have any questions about short term rentals we are always happy to answer. You can reach us at podcast at Beautiful Mass Dot Com and please remember to click subscribe on our podcast so they get updates every week..

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