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Harden citizens can't continue in. My opinion bounced budget using saving. That was my statement. Thank you very much. It's a one time deal you promise. Oh what a liar. Everybody in billings fucking knew about it. You had no idea. He had no idea what they were talking about. They didn't even know there was a parks board meeting at at at a certain time i just make him a horribly inappropriate city council member then a little bit city council members should know i. They should know all the secrets before. Sure i get it. But then i don't i don't i don't recommend that's the way you think how little input which you want the city to have i mean the seems like the perfect time to do it. Would you want it to happen during that meeting and turn it into a twelve hour meeting. If he be paying attention. I mean this is sort of drop that three point. Five million dollars cut during a meeting that people are struggling to get through to begin with four hours into a meeting. Yeah and by the way it's interesting. Yeah the they discussed all this stuff at this meeting made all these decisions and motions. How they what they want to see not in the budget that they were gonna prove the next meeting And they didn't have comment until about fifteen minutes to eleven at night during a zoom meeting. Jesus the fact that anybody was able to hold on that long as a miracle in itself how many comments were there. there was a few. There's like four or five to say. Yeah i mean that's a good way to keep the people quiet source that one. I don't know if this was on the work session. But this was ya way. Council member yankovitch. Those uninformed is known as ya in my mind. He made a motion during a work session. I believe this was that city council. Pay should be on the board and if you're if you're curious about what city council members get paid. Just go back and listen to this episode to episode to know in my binder of secrets. Don't let fucking mike boy at find out that you have that mike. I have a calendar to with when boards meat and stuff bombarded by texans. So it's six hundred council members a month per month every single month. And i believe it's eight hundred bucks a month for the mayor. They did pass an ordinance earlier last year that he's going to bump up their pay but they're going to wait until all council members who were elected get off and then that will bump up twelve hundred for the mayor and then the hundred for council members but these are the hard numbers. They're coming up with. It's like this is the solution to a former million dollar deficit to pay council members. Little to nothing at all. It's just more of an argument like well. We should just abolish little fucking thing and haven't run like a city county commission and filled with people who know what the fucker they're doing. That's that's my interpretation. But this this motion and the ensuing discussion. Afterwards i guess well i would entertain the motion that council we give up. July's wage or one buck the richest guy in the group food. Thank you appreciate that. And i guess i'll count edwards just because we don't have emotion on the director level salaries component. So we can deal with this one. We can come back to that. They're all kind of related councilmember. Boy you had a second on that and your motion a second city council number one month. Is that what you said so so one month got eleven members. Times said i got ten. What's six hundred for ten of them so we have six thousand plus the mayor. Sixteen hundred bucks. Yeah so there you go one month taken care of sixty eight hundred bucks nights. I don't know he can take everybody out to lunch. What what exactly is going to get in there and talk about having that motion on the table now council member. Sean accounts moronic. I really have to speak up about the pay issue in. i understand. I understand where councils coming from. But i also have to be really honest that i can't even pay for childcare. What we cramping. I'm doing this harshly. My family is losing money so no. It's not a ton of money but we're creating this idea that it's okay to not gay our council members or not pay our directors and. I think that's a really dangerous message to send to buildings. I also just honestly as i look at the council. There's a reason why. Our age demographic is skewed higher and yes. I'm getting a little bit upset about this. Because this is an issue that Is really very central to me when i talked to people about getting involved. Rangpur city council. They're all saying we have kids. How do we pay for this. It's just not possible to do so. I will not be supporting those. Not because i make a ton of money and you know feel like i need the six hundred dollars because the principle of it is very important to me and i need to see these wages. Increase haven't increased in twenty two years so that we can start getting more diversity onto the thing. I thought about making the substitute of all to be above their wages for months combat. Do let the people go. Let them keep it. Maybe we should just keep your salary. Fuck you want to just it. Back for fuck sake okay just to clarify. I assume that emotion official city council action would not be necessary for me to do that. If that could be getting in solving customer.

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