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Be considered further evidence of obstruction of justice there you have it so let me break this down we're concerned that the White House will attempt to Stonewall investigation I'm gonna go to Harry in this so while the investigation you get a question you get a subpoena it may cover executive privilege if the White House decides it's protected by executive privilege how does that still while their investigation it's just simply complying with constitutional norms a mandate absolutely and so house speaker Pelosi suggested at today's news conference that there are three co equal branches of government and so it is clear beyond question pursuant to the constitution that the legislative branch does not have an unlimited right to investigate the executive branch what Adam Schiff none the less believes that he has an unlimited right to investigate the president and if the president seeks to exercise his constitutional authority within the meaning of the constitution then according to Adam Schefter VS constitute stonewalling we all know that Adam Schulz analysis properly understood constitutes nothing more than nonsense he is trying to re write the constitution just like the California state government attempted to re write the constitution with respect to the qualifications for president and so all American people should be alarmed at the last attempt to re write the constitution and to effectively criminal law the exercise of constitutional authority within the. meaning of the constitution so this cannot stand up and all of the American people who are impartial should rise up and oppose this effort so here's an interesting quote I'm gonna read right from the opinion here because I think this sets the tone for what we're dealing with at base the act talking about this presidential so called transparency act which is now struck is unconstitutional by the way the F. seeks to punish a class of candidates who elect not to comply with disclosing their tax returns by handicapping their access to the electoral process this is plainly.

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