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Be doing this track for sure yeah slow dance was loading you give me give me is our backstory some sort of hidden meaning or maybe not so hidden what do I need to know him okay so what you need to know about a slow dance so actually students is a a song originally is just gonna be me on it we ended up getting to feature a Max which is actually like Superman I know a lot of people think like did you guys come in the same room was like no I couldn't it was like rigidity my song and then send it over her team should not cutting it literally like the next day we got it like six hours so once again the original idea was this is just going to be a solo AJ Mitchell track originally yeah and then we kind of thought about it is like it's such an intimate song any kind of just made sense to have to do it and it and it worked perfectly like she seems like Christina Aguilera she sings Mason she's awesome do yeah she's amazing she's super sweet it is a crazy you know I used to think that just like you said that when somebody does it collaborate do at that you jump in the studio yeah and it still happens from time to time yet you're more times than not coming up if I'm crazy yeah you know there are times where you don't even need the person to the video she doesn't exactly what happened with eva I met her the day before the video shoot I had a performance the day before video Suge was in New York and then then the next day then we shot the music video let me ask about eva did she was she like you thought she was going to be in person just you know she well actually she was really she was she was really sweet to this week I was expecting that well I knew I news like sweep a psycho and we're gonna get a little bit of both she's great she's saying I thought she was gonna be like a little little little not a you know because yes we recycle yeah right she was super chill you know super show so here we go you guys AJ Mitchell and of course even Max you'll see him do this track at our kiss FM jingle ball village.

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